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Euro Chlor

Avenue E Van Nieuwenhuyse 4
1160 Brussels

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From the capital of Europe, Euro Chlor speaks for 97% of chlor-alkali producers in the EU-27 and EFTA regions. The federation is a key link between industry, policy makers, and the general public. In order to strengthen society’s confidence in the chlorine sector, Euro Chlor works to further industry transparency, and drives efforts to achieve a sustainable future through addressing environmental, social and economic issues. Originally founded nearly 60 years ago as a production-oriented technical organisation, Euro Chlor was restructured in 1989 to provide the sector with strengthened scientific, advocacy and communications capabilities. Since then, major emphasis has been placed on sound science and on constantly improving health, safety and environmental standards. In Europe, 37 chlorine producer members of Euro Chlor employ about 39,000 people at 70 manufacturing locations in 20 countries. The total membership amounts to 122, as Euro Chlor also has 42 Associate Members and 43 Technical Correspondents, including suppliers of equipment, material and services as well as downstream users and producers outside Europe. Product groups for chlorinated solvents, chlorinated paraffins, chloroisocyanurates and potassium hydroxide are also an integral part of the Euro Chlor structure.

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    Dr. Thomas Wehlage (BASF) new Euro Chlor Chairman

    The Euro Chlor General Assembly has chosen Dr. Thomas Wehlage (BASF) as new Chairman of the Management Committee for a two year period. Dr. Wehlage holds a Degree and PhD in chemistry from the University of Hamburg and did a Postdoc at Harvard University, Cambridge/USA. He started his caree ... more

    Andreas Amling is new Euro Chlor Chairman

    The Management Committee of Euro Chlor, the Federation of the European chlorine producing companies, has elected Andreas Amling, Senior Vice President of Bayer MaterialScience, as its new Chairman for a two-year period. Andreas Amling succeeds Michael Träger, CEO of the company VESTOLIT. Mr ... more

    Michael Träger (VESTOLIT) re-elected as Euro Chlor Chairman

    At its Annual General Meeting, the Management Committee of Euro Chlor, representing the European Chlor-Alkali industry, re-elected Michael Träger, Managing Director and COO of VESTOLIT GmbH &Co KG, as Chairman for a new one year term. This re-election is the logical consequence of a change ... more

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