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Natural Environment Research Council

Polaris House, North Star Avenue
SN2 1EU Swindon
United Kingdom

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NERC funds world-class science in universities and our own research centres that increases knowledge and understanding of the natural world, tackling the 21st century's major environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity and natural hazards.

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    Innovations in soil science will grow the solutions to global food security

    A report published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) says that innovative research in soil science will be fundamental in overcoming the growing threat of global food and fuel crop shortages as the world’s population continues to increase. Food security is one of the great global chal ... more

    Carbon capture has a sparkling future

    New research shows that for millions of years carbon dioxide has been stored safely and naturally in underground water in gas fields saturated with the greenhouse gas. The findings bring carbon capture and storage a step closer. Politicians are committed to cutting levels of atmospheric ca ... more

    'Chemical equator' discovery will aid pollution mapping

    Scientists at the University of York have discovered a 'Chemical Equator' that divides the polluted air of the Northern Hemisphere from the largely uncontaminated atmosphere of the Southern Hemisphere. Researchers from the University's Department of Chemistry found evidence for an atmospher ... more

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