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New Research Chemicals, Metals and Materials Catalog 2013-15

Catalog Includes Over 8,000 New Products with CAS Number and and Molecular Formula

The new catalog features over 8,000 new products, including new benzenesulfonamides, benzamides, homogeneous precious metal catalysts, chiral ligands, thioureas, heterocyclic compounds, click chemistry reagents, sulfonyl chlorides, carboxylic acids, boronic acids, fluorinated organics, Grignard reagents and many more. Many of the new products are unique and exclusive to Alfa Aesar.

Alfa Aesar continues to extensively augment the technical content of the catalog with thousands of new and updated application notes, synonym listings and other specification details. Molecular structure diagrams are included for most chemicals, and the catalog is extensively indexed by Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number, stock number and molecular formula. The product listings for all hazardous substances are also enhanced with hazard pictograms and newly implemented precautionary and hazard phrases in accordance with Globally Harmonized System (GHS) standards.

In addition to chemical compounds, the catalog includes special sections listing pure elements and alloys. A full range of literature can be requested via our catalogue website, including catalogs listing analytical products, precious metal compounds and catalysts, and labware. All of Alfa Aesars products can be accessed through the website, along with up-to-date pricing and availability.

For further information please visit our catalogue website or request the catalogue now!

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    Lancaster Now Part of Alfa Aesar

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