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Characterisation of Porous and Finely Divided Solids

Pore size, particle size, density, surface area, Zeta potential, sorption, moisture, surface energy

POROTEC Equipment 2017

POROLUX 500 – Porometer for pore size measurements in filters and textiles of through pores from nanometer to millimeter

PYCNOMATIC ATC – Temperature controlled Helium pycnometer for density measurements- independent of ambient pressures

SURFER – Gas adsorption for the determination of specific surface areas and nanometer pores

VASCO FLEX – Nanoparticle analyser also for the determination of multidispersed particle distributions with various flexible probes –“Bring your particle size measurement to the sample"

GraviSorp – 12 x Multisampler for water vapor sorption from 0% – 98%RH @ 20°C – 40°C. Suitable for inhomogeneous materials with larger masses up to 120 grams

The POROTEC equipment catalogue 2017 offers comprehensive information about measurement devices for the characterisation of fines and porous solids.

Particle size, pore size and pore volume, density, specific surface area, surface energies, refractive index and Zeta potential are important physical key properties of materials.

Ambient conditions like pH value, temperature or relative humidity can change dramatically these properties. Resulting materials changes like swelling and shrinkage, amorphous - crystalline transitions, glass transition, formation of hydrates or flocking can be analysed in situ with our devices.

Further, are following investigations on laboratory scale possible:

  • Characterisation of catalysts in particular the determination of metal amount and active sites.
  • Investigation of chemisorption processes.
  • Analysis of porous materials under real conditions like high pressures or high temperatures.
  • Pressure swing adsorption as for gas separation.

Our equipment is employed in R&D and QC in industry, universities, academic and governmental institutions.

Applications comprise pharmaceutics, food, building materials, ceramics, geology, ambient protection, chemicals and paints, filters and textiles, catalysts, wood, oil and petro chemistry, adsorbents an many more

For further information request the printed catalog now or download our pdf catalog.

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