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abcr. Gute Chemie – Your Path to Si Compounds & Si Building Blocks – for Research & Industry

Organofunctional silanes: Alkoxy-, chloro-, fluorosilanes, etc. – Units from grams to tonnes

Organofunctional Si compounds for research and industry

Gute Chemie is ideally adapted to your processes with custom units

Gute Chemie is personal and binding. Benefit from our year of experience in the catalogue business with the chemical industry

Gute Chemie is consistent quality you can trust. Take advantage of the know-how of our specialists

Gute Chemie is the common path to new and innovative products from kilo-lab over scale-up to commercial production in tonne scale

Gute Chemie – abcr Si catalogue with 3,500 organic and inorganic Si compounds, more than 1,000 Si building blocks and worldwide unique innovations for research & industry of the highest quality and purity.

Organofunctional Silanes for Research & Development:
3,500 Si compounds – in individual units, fast and reliable – ideally customised for your working processes.

Si Compounds for Research & Industry:
High and consistent quality – from our own production site in Spain – for stability in your process chain.

Access to Comprehensive and Competent Service:
Customer-specific synthesis development – scale-up possibility up to tonnes – contract manufacturing according to your specifications – 25 years of experience in the catalogue business – all in one hand – for lean and reliable production processes.

Gute Chemie – Confirmed by renowned reference customers in many applications, such as:

Si compounds from abcr provide outstanding properties for microelectronics as a bonding agent or precursor for SiO2 coating and allows for reduced static friction in microsystem technology.

Surface Modification:
In surface technology, our functionalised silanes are also essential building blocks for the modification of porous and smooth substrates in order to, for example, generate hydrophobic, hydrophilic, oleophobic properties on the surfaces.

Chemical Synthesis:
The consistent quality of the silanes from our manufacturing site in Spain plays a significant role for the synthesis building blocks or protective groups especially for the pharmaceutical industry. The same applies for nucleic acid analytics, for example as coupling agents for RNA, DNA or proteins.

Separation & Diagnostics:
Due to their outstanding flexibility, Si compounds are also applied in separation. They are used, among other applications, in chromatography (HILIC, RPC, GC, LC and HPLC). In diagnostics as well, our modifiable silanes provide ideal application possibilities for serologic test kits or also for optical diagnostic methods as important source materials for sample processing and preparation.

Gute Chemie – Made in Germany & Europe

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