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SHOWA Industrial Series Gloves

SHOWA Is Synonymous with the Highest Degree of Hand Protection and Innovation

Industrial Series



Always Innovating. Never Imitating.

Beginning with the world’s first PVC and Disposable Nitrile gloves, we’ve always led the pack with better, safer ways for you to work with your hands. We combine our technological expertise and mastery of design with an intimate understanding of our customers, their work and the protection they need to go above and beyond. This approach enables us to take protection to the next level with advancements like our cut-resistant Hagane Coil® and S-TEX® range, which can withstand up to 40N force – unlike any other glove on the market. Our standard is the highest standard of performance and safety, providing you the ultimate defense, no matter what task awaits you.

100% Integrated Manufacturer Since 1951

By owning all of our manufacturing, design and inspection processes, we create our own machinery, yarns, coatings, polymers and hand formers. This unchallenged level of control fuels our innovation process, resulting in unreplicable products and technology that give us a significant advantage over our competition. All of our production sites around the world are ISO 9001 certified and embrace our relentless pursuit of excellence.


General Purpose
To protect the hand from common mechanical or chemical hazards while preserving its mobility: we made our name by providing the very best in all-round, multi-purpose hand protection. Whether the job calls for small parts handling, general maintenance or heavy lifting and contractor work, we have the best glove for the job.

Heat Protection: Burns to the hand and forearm can result into irreparable scar tissue. Prevent pain and scars by protecting yourself with heat resistant gloves. Insulated gloves protect up to 260°C. SHOWA also offers protection to Arc Flash with SHOWA 240.

Cold Protection: The human body is in a comfortable situation when the heart is beating at a regular speed. This happens at a mean blood temperature of 37°C. Using the right cold protection equipment is not a luxury. It will protect the wearer against cold blisters, slipping and under-cooling, while providing a satisfying level of comfort and protection.

Cut Protection
More than 80% of all hand and arm injuries are due to cuts and lacerations. Most of which can be traced to an absence of gloves. To secure the handling of tools or objects with sharp edges or slippery surfaces, we make gloves and protective sleeves that not only resist cuts, but are also comfortable to wear, thus ensuring compliancy as well as safety.

Chemicals & Liquids
To protect the hands from direct contact with oils, hydrocarbons, acids and corrosive substances, we provide the solutions to whatever solutions you may be working in. Our chemical resistant guide and catalogue website features chemical permeation and testing information for over 300 individual chemicals.

Antistatic Protection: The human body, including the hand, charges itself with electrical charges. These charges can damage components (like semiconductors or printed circuit boards). That is why SHOWA offers a complete range of gloves to protect these components against static electricity.

Single Use
SHOWA is one of the most accomplished innovators and manufacturers of disposable hand protection ever. The first to create disposable nitrile and accelerator-free nitrile hand protection – we offer the broadest line of disposable choices available within the industry. We offer 15 different styles with 5 thicknesses, 3 lengths, medical, industrial, cleanroom, silicone free, accelerator free and as a pioneer, SHOWA developed new technology and launch the world’s first 100% biodegradable nitrile disposable glove in the world. All our disposable gloves are 100% nitrile designed to provide the users a non-latex allergy risk whatever the user’s tasks is.

For further information request the printed catalog now or download our pdf catalog.

We are happy to answer your questions by phone at +31 20 808 6071

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