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Lab Supply for Dairy Analysis: New Catalog for Food & Dairy Industry

Nutrient media, laboratory equipment and consumables of well-known manufacturers – laboratory supplies from a single source

Lab supply for dairy and food industry – all from one source

Nutrient media, dry media, supplements and contact plates by Merck and Oxoid

High-quality lab water baths by Dinkelberg analytics

Lab supply and consumables for dairy analysis

Following the acquisition of Dinkelberg analytics in 2014, Altmann Analytik became one of the leading specialist dealers for dairy and food laboratories throughout Germany. Thanks to Dinkelberg analytics' decades of expertise in the field of dairy analysis, we were able to create a completely overhauled and extensive new edition of the dairy catalog after more than 15 years. In this brochure we offer you every product required by a well-equipped laboratory. Numerous well-known manufacturers such as Merck, Macherey-Nagel, SGE, Hahnemühle, Oxoid (ThermoFisher), Sartorius, Applichem and many more are offered as well as our qualitatively equivalent house brands Altmann Analytik and Dinkelberg analytics.

Dry culture media and media

In the field of bacteriology and microbiology, the use of nutrient media, dry media, supplements and contact plates is a common procedure in a variety of studies. They are used to detect microorganisms on surfaces and in sample material and determine, for example, the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses. In particular, when examining food such as milk, cheese or yoghurt, the quality of consumer goods is of the highest priority. We therefore offer a wide selection of high quality and quality-tested nutrient media, dry media, supplements and contact plates made by Merck Millipore and Oxoid (part of ThermoFisher Scientific).

Lab devices by Dinkelberg analytics

Thanks to its expertise in the field of dairy analysis, Dinkelberg analytics has been a steady supplier of lab supply for dairy and food laboratories for many decades. In particular, the water baths and leak testers from Dinkelberg, a reliable partner of the dairy industry, have always been an integral part of the equipment in numerous labs. In 2015, Dinkelberg analytics introduced the new improved version of water baths and packaging testers - featuring state-of-the-art design and many technical innovations to make everyday laboratory work easier and, above all, more efficient.

Consumables for dairy labs

In addition to high-performance lab devices and consumables for microbiology and bacteriology, we offer a wide range of consumables and disposable items that are commonly needed and used. These include sample cups and bags, dispensers, butyrometers for fat or milk determination in various designs, test tubes and pipettes as well as numerous different glassware such as measuring cylinders and lab bottles. In our product range you will find consumables of many well-known manufacturers such as Duran, Brand, Sartorius and Greiner Bio One. Of course, we also offer our own brand Dinkelberg analytics.

HPLC and GC products for chromatography applications

Not only in instrumental analysis but also in milk analysis, chromatographic applications are part of the laboratory work. In this comprehensive catalog you will find high-quality GC and HPLC columns, the appropriate accessories such as septa and syringes as well as quality-tested solvents and filters from many well-known manufacturers such as Merck, SGE and Macherey Nagel. In addition, we offer our own brand Altmann Analytik.

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