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Hellma Analytics, founded in 1922, is the world market leader in cells and optical components made of glass or quartz glass, used for modern optical analysis. Hellma Analytics has its own subsidiaries in 11 countries as well as several representatives all over the world.

Our product range with more than 2,000 items, also include calibration standards –accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025-, solutions for the analysis of small sample volumes (TrayCell), as well as optical immersion probes for UV/Vis and NIR process analytics.

Substantial knowledge and unique technologies in glass and quartz glass processing support Hellma Analytics standard products as well as custom designs. Examples of custom designed cells include cells for an ultra-high vacuum to examine Bose-Einstein condensates, crystal growth reactors made of quartz glass for the International Space Station and cells for cytometry that enable mobile HIV analysis in Africa’s rural regions.

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