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Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

79085 Freiburg
++49 / (0)761 / 203 -4990
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Industrial Sectors

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Measurement and Control Technology
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Environmental Technology
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  • News

    Danger: slippery surface!

    Beetles, cockroaches, and ants will have a harder time walking on facades or air conditioners in the future – thanks to the bio-inspired, anti-adhesive surfaces Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck, Dr. Bettina Prüm, and Dr. Holger Bohn are developing together with the Plant Biomechanics Group of the Uni ... more

    Efficient and robust

    Geometric properties that enable waves to overlap and reinforce each other even in disordered molecular structures: A team led by the theoretical physicist Dr. Florian Mintert and the biophysicist Dr. Francesco Rao, junior fellows of the School of Soft Matter Research at the Freiburg Instit ... more

    High-performance epoxy resin adhesives from renewable green starting materials

    A series of epoxy resins has been synthesised by a team of chemists from Germany, who used renewable starting materials for a more environmentally friendly approach than conventional methods. The resulting epoxy resins have highly desirable mechanical properties, such as high stiffness, tha ... more

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