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  • Sintering atomically thin materials with ceramics now possible

    For the first time, researchers have created a nanocomposite of ceramics and a two-dimensional material, opening the door for new designs of nanocomposites with such applications as solid-state batteries, thermoelectrics, varistors, catalysts, chemical sensors and much more. Sintering uses high heat more

  • Flexible, highly efficient multimodal energy harvesting

    A 10-fold increase in the ability to harvest mechanical and thermal energy over standard piezoelectric composites may be possible using a piezoelectric ceramic foam supported by a flexible polymer support, according to Penn State researchers. In the search for ways to harvest small amounts of energy more

  • Soft machines

    In the world of robotics, soft robots are the new kids on the block. The unique capabilities of these automata are to bend, deform, stretch, twist or squeeze in all the ways that conventional rigid robots cannot. Today, it is easy to envision a world in which humans and robots collaborate -- in clos more

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2-D layered devices can self-assemble with precision

Video shows layered, self-assembled graphene oxide sheets with synthetic proteins patterned on squid ring teeth made into an actuator with substantial curvature. The second segment shows the same device using graphene oxide only. There is no movement.Credit: Melik Demirel,/Penn State. more

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Graphene dispersions, composites, and gels

Graphene, i.e. single-layer graphite sheets, show extraordinary promise for the development of polymer nanocomposites with targeted properties. This webinar summarizes the work which details “pristine” graphene may be stabilized, dispersed, and processed for use in a range of high-performance materi


Rheological Applications for Metals, Glasses, and High Temperature Composites

Measuring the flow behavior of materials at ultra-high temperatures is challenging but critical. The reaction kinetics and processing behaviors of such materials as metals, glasses, and composites must be determined in order for them to be used in the manufacturing of new commercially viable materia


Tack Measurements of Prepreg Tape at Variable Temperature and Humidity

NASA’s Advanced Composites Project has established a goal of achieving a 30% reduction in the timeline for certification of primary composite structures for application on commercial aircraft. Prepreg tack is one of several critical parameters affecting composite manufacturing by automated fiber pla

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High performance fiber reinforced cementitious composites

High performance fiber reinforced cementitious composites High performance fiber reinforced cementitious composites (HPFRCCs) are a group of fiber reinforced cement based composites which possess the unique ability to flex and self strengthen be ... more


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