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Your 2015 Bürkle catalogue - Pumps | Samplers | Laboratory & industrial equipment

Diverse and informative, the Bürkle catalogue guides the user through the world of laboratory equipment, pumps, filling machines and samplers more

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  • Aromatic couple makes new chemical bonds

    Esters have been identified to act as a new and clean coupling partner for the carbon-carbon bond forming cross-coupling reaction to make useful compounds for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and organic materials. In a new collaborative study published online in Nature Communications, synthetic and t more

  • Sensitive detection method may help impede illicit nuclear trafficking

    According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) the greatest danger to nuclear security comes from terrorists acquiring sufficient quantities of plutonium or highly enriched uranium (HEU) to construct a crude nuclear explosive device. The IAEA also notes that most cases of illicit nuclear more

  • How to make the wonder material graphene superconducting

    Whenever a new material is discovered, scientists are eager to find out whether or not it can be superconducting. This applies particularly to the wonder material graphene. Now, an international team around researchers at the University of Vienna unveiled the superconducting pairing mechanism in Cal more

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  • Absolute Molar Mass Characterisation

    Multi-angle light scattering coupled to SEC or other fractionation methods can provide an absolute means for measuring the molar mass, size and distribution of proteins, polymers and particles of all sorts. Wyatt Technology's MALS also enables the el more

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  • NPK CO.,LTD (048830) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    NPK CO.,LTD (NPK CO) is a manufacturer of plastics. The company was founded in 1987 and it principally engages in the manufacturing and processing of plastic and nano-materials. The company's principal product line is classified into two divisions namely Plastic division and Nano division. Plastic more

  • The Survey of N-Hydroxysuccinimide in China

    In China, NHS is mainly applied in N-protecting reagents and coupling reagents industry. In this report, the production, price, consumption, major end users and export of NHS are mainly introduced. Besides, the active manufacturers are also listed. more

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Welcome to MR® Chemie

Homepage Deutsch Products Penetrant testing Red dye Fluorescent System hot MR® Piccolo-Pen Magnetic particle inspection Coloured fluorescent System hot UV technology UV-Lights Measuring equipment Equipment & test lines Measurement equipment / Test blocks Hand yokes Spraying equimpment Test lines PT more

P r o c e s s - I n f o r m a t i k Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH DE-73116 Wäschenbeuren · Im Gewerbegebiet 1 · Tel. +49 7172 92666-0 · Fax. +49 7172 92666-33 Deutsch English Home Credits Terms and conditions Products/shop Support About us Downloads Weather Latest Software Innovations Highlights Stat more

Brookfield Engineering

Viscometers Laboratory Process Rheometers Controlled Rate Rheometers Controlled Stress Rheometers Yield Rheometers Pressurized Rheometers R/S Portable Rheometer Texture Analysis CT3 Texture Analyzer Powder Flow Testing Powder Flow Tester Viscosity Standards General Purpose Silicone Fluids General Pu more

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  • Dr.-Ing. Henriette Nowothnick

    born in 1980, studied Chemistry at the Berlin University of Technology. She received a doctorate in 2010 in the research group of Prof. R. Schomäcker on the control of the reaction process of the Suzuki coupling in micro emulsions with the aim of catalyst and product separation. From 2011 to 2012, s more


Coupling constant

Coupling constant In physics , a coupling constant, usually denoted g, is a number that determines the strength of an interaction . Usually the Lagrangian or the Hamiltonian of a system can be separated into a kinetic part and an interaction ... more


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