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Zeus Numerix

Zeus Numerix Pvt. Ltd.
FoundedAugust 13, 2004
Headquarters Mumbai, India
IndustryComputer Services
Employees25 (2006)
SloganInnovate unique engineering solutions to benefit business, industry or society

Zeus Numerix Private Limited is a company dedicated to providing high class products and customized solutions in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics. Started in Mumbai (Bombay), India in August 2004, it is located at the Technology Business Incubator of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) in Powai. Founded on the creativity, expertise and achievement of the IITZeus Group started by Gopal R Shevare, Zeus Numerix is one of India's very few indigenous companies which provides solutions and expertise in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).



Zeus Numerix was founded on August 13, 2004 by Gopal R Shevare, S Banerjee, Rajendra Lagu, Irshad Khan, Basant Kumar Gupta, Ashish Chaudhary, Deanna Pereira and Sandip Jadhav. It was built upon the work and development done over a period of 15 years in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics by the IITZeus Group which was an informal group started by Shevare and his students at the Aerospace Engineering Department, IIT-B.


Within the short period of two years, Zeus Numerix has developed five products:


This product aims to help students and beginners execute programs to solve problems on Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD). Usable by both students and teachers, it is a fantastic tool to experiment, learn and teach CFD. It also acts as a simulator which can be used to substitute expensive or difficult-to-carry out experiments in a full-fledged Fluid Mechanics laboratory.


It is a grid generation software which helps in creating meshes for computational domains. It can can create both multi-blocked structured grids for high fidelity simulations and time saving unstructured grids for quick simulations. It is an extremely powerful tool for people who prefer to write their CFD codes for simulating their own physics.


It is a generic solver which offers both pressure and density based solvers. By configuring its control file, users can create their own high fidelity simulations and simulate a variety of physical and chemical phenomena. It is fully compatible with CFD General Notations System (CGNS), as ISO file format.


It is an advanced multi-purpose CFD software which is capable of handling everything from design to analysis. Made up of four modules : Geometry, Grid Generator, Solver and Post-Processor, it is an ideal tool in industrial environment. It is an extremely cost effective solution for industries such as aerospace, automobile, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, energy, etc.


This software is used for analysis of Radar Cross-Section and design of antenna. It helps in design of radar evading products, radar absorbing material analysis, antennas and wave-guides etc. A combination of four modules : ShapeZ (capable of generating complex geometries and importing standard CAD data), GridZ, EMWaveZ ( an electromagnetic solver module ) and ViewZ. This software can help in enhancing capabilities in stealth technology, antenna design and wave-guides etc.


  1. Product Development
  2. System Improvement
  3. Product Customization
  4. Consultancy Assignment and Investigation
  5. Workshop and Training
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