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Protein Engineering - Rational Design & Directed Evolution

in Greifswald from 06-Sep-2010 - 10-Sep-2010

Enzymes are ideally suited as biocatalysts for the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly processes. Due to their high chemo-, regio- and stereoselectivity and their activity at low temperatures and ambient pressures, enzymes are currently used in areas such as pharmaceutical synthesis and fine chemistry.

However, not all enzymes are designed by nature for efficient application and hence their properties need to be optimized. Protein engineering is the key method to tailor-design enzymes, but also to investigate their structure-function relationships in basic research.

This course aims to provide a state-of-the-art overview about the various methods to allow an efficient and fast protein engineering.

The summer school will cover all modern methods ranging from rational protein design via focused directed evolution to pure random mutagenesis in combination with screening or selection.

Type of Event: Courses
Event Date: 06-Sep-2010 to 10-Sep-2010
Deadline: 09.08.2010
Event Organiser: DECHEMA e.V.
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