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  • New nanofiber marks important step in next generation battery development

    One of the keys to building electric cars that can travel longer distances and to powering more homes with renewable energy is developing efficient and highly capable energy storage systems. Materials researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have created a nanofiber that could help enable the more

  • Nobel Prize winner of 1994 George Andrew Olah dies at 89

    Nobel Prize in Chemistry laureate George Olah died on March 8th at the age of 89 years. He had a major influence on the field of hydrocarbon chemistry. He made oil refinig more effective and opened the way of cleaner gasoline. He also contributed to modern drug discovery. “Distinguished Professor Ge more

  • New economic water-splitting catalyst

    UNIST scientists have developed an exiting new catalyst that can split water into hydrogen almost as good as platinum, but less costly and found frequently on Earth. As described in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, this ruthenium-based material works almost as efficient as platinum and likely show more

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Hydrogen production

Hydrogen production Hydrogen production is commonly completed from hydrocarbon fossil fuels via a chemical path. Hydrogen may also be extracted from water via biological production in an algae bioreactor , or using electricity (by electrolys ... more


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