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Infinium Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd., India

We, M/s. Infinium Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd.( GMP Compliance and FDA , ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED Manufacturing CO.) was incorporated in year 2003, with manufacturing facilities and Corporate Headquarter at Gujarat, INDIA. At Infinium Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd., we are well focused to Iodine chemistry & this is more

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  • A fast reactor system to shorten the lifetime of long-lived fission products

    A team of scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) working in collaboration with Tohoku University, Tokyo City University and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency has proposed a novel approach to tackle the problem of radioactive waste disposal. The new method could dramatically reduce the more

  • New-generation material removes iodine from water

    Researchers at Dartmouth College have developed a new material that scrubs iodine from water for the first time. The breakthrough could hold the key to cleaning radioactive waste in nuclear reactors and after nuclear accidents like the 2011 Fukushima disaster. The new-generation microporous material more

  • Inorganic double helix

    It is the double helix, with its stable and flexible structure of genetic information, that made life on Earth possible in the first place. Now a team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has discovered a double helix structure in an inorganic material. The material comprising tin, iodine a more

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Make sure you have Iodine in your diet, or you may get "Derbyshire Neck". more

Fluorine Reactions

Here's all the camera angles and slow motion footage of the fluorine reactions we filmed with Professor Eric Hope. It reacts with iron, carbon, iodine and sulfur. more

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Group 7 Elements

This graphic looks at the halogens, found in Group 7 of the Periodic Table. This group consists of the elements fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine – the as yet provisionally named artificial element 117, tennessine, may also be a halogen. As always, the following are a few interesting more

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Iodine Iodine (, or ; from "violet"), is a chemical element that has the symbol I and atomic number 53. Iodine has 53 protons, 53 electrons, and 74 neutrons. Chemically, iodine is the least reactive of t ... more


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