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  • Controlled Nano-Assembly

    DNA, the carrier of genetic information, has become established as a highly useful building material in nanotechnology. One requirement in many applications is the controlled, switchable assembly of nanostructures. Scientists have now introduced a new strategy for control through altering pH value. more

  • Polarized light: A simple route to highly chiral materials

    Chirality is at the heart of chemical research and much technology. For organic chemists, choosing between the left- and right-handed isomers of molecules is all part of a day's work. However, many solid materials also have enantiomeric forms, giving rise to a range of applications. Organic chemists more

  • Structured light and nanomaterials open new ways to tailor light at the nanoscale

    What happens when you excite novel assemblies of nanomaterials using structured light? Joint research between Tampere University of Technology (TUT) (Finland) and University of Tübingen (Germany) has shown that carefully structured light and matching arrangements of metal nanostructures (so-called " more

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17-06 – 22-06
South Hadley, US

Noble Metal Nanoparticles

The 2018 Gordon Research Conference on Noble Metal Nanoparticles will host the same invigorating level of cutting-edge science and technology that has made the previous four Noble Metal Nanoparticles conferences so successful. Speakers and Discussion Leaders will be drawn from a complementary mix of

08-07 – 13-07
Newry, US

Plasmonics and Nanophotonics

The fields of plasmonics and nanophotonics encompass the science and engineering of optical interactions with nanostructures. Prospects of enhanced light harvesting, subwavelength confinement and strong local electromagnetic fields near nanoscale objects have motivated extensive investigation of nan


Nanomaterials in food and food-related products (applications, characterisation and regulation)

The use of nanomaterials such as ultra-fine powders, additives or complex nanostructures in food and drink products has distinct advantages as well as potential risks. The advantages may be listed in great number from novel functionality, flavours and product texture to packaging, longevity and cost

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