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Plants' oil-desaturating enzymes pair up to channel metabolites

Study raises possibility of linking up enzymes to tailor pathways for increased production of useful plant products


Plant scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have found that certain enzymes responsible for desaturating fatty acids, the building blocks of oils, can link up to efficiently pass intermediate products from one enzyme to another. "Engineering these enzyme ...


Matching the expertise of perfumers to create new scents


From jasmine to sandalwood, the alluring scents of the most luxurious perfumes might seem more art than science, but a new way to analyze them breaks from the tradition of relying only on experts' sense of smell to blend fragrances. Scientists report that they have developed a model that can help ...


Biomass pellets instead of wood could lower mercury emissions


For millions of homes, plants, wood and other types of "biomass" serve as an essential source of fuel, especially in developing countries, but their mercury content has raised flags among environmentalists and researchers. Scientists are now reporting that among dozens of sources of biomass, ...


Cheap metals can be used to make products from petroleum


The ancient alchemists sought to transform base metals, like lead, into precious gold. Now a new process developed at the University of Illinois at Chicago suggests that base metals may be worth more than their weight in gold -- as catalysts in the manufacture of countless products made from ...


Progress in using ethanol to make key raw material now produced from oil


Ethanol from corn and other plants could become the sustainable, raw material for a huge variety of products, from plastic packaging to detergents to synthetic rubber, that are currently petroleum-based. This was the conclusion of an article published in the ACS journal Industrial & Engineering ...


Bacterium breaks down grass into biofuel


Research reports the discovery of the first microorganism that anaerobically degrades plant biomass, without the need for chemical pre-treatment, to produce raw materials that can be converted to biofuels. Scientists in the United States demonstrated that Caldicellulosiruptor bescii bacterium was ...


A membrane-free lithium/polysulfide semi-liquid battery for large-scale energy storage


Scientists in the US have developed a new lithium/polysulfide (Li/PS) semi-liquid battery for large-scale energy storage, with lithium polysulfide (Li2S8) in ether solvent as a catholyte and metallic lithium as an anode. As the catholyte is designed to cycle only in the range between sulfur and ...


Momentive: New manufacturing capacity for polyamides and a full range of specialty amines


Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc., has opened new curing agent manufacturing capabilities at a facility in China. The new plant, located in Tianjin, China, expands MSC’s regional capacity to produce amine curing agents. Using locally sourced raw materials, the facility can manufacture a full ...


Ashland raising prices of products for food, personal care and pharmaceutical industries


Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc., is increasing the global price of its product lines serving the food, personal care and pharmaceutical industries by 12 percent effective Dec. 1, or as contracts allow. The product lines included in this announcement ...


Ashland to increase global prices of Natrosol hydroxyethylcellulose


Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc., is increasing the price of its Natrosol™ hydroxyethylcellulose products by 12 - 20 percent effective Dec. 1. The price increase is necessary to offset the recent cost increases of key raw materials used to manufacture ...


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