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Lucrative Growth Market: The market for silicones


Silicones are irreplaceable in many industrial sectors. Silicone elastomers, silicone oils and silicone resins are the most important product types that are manufactured based on quartz sand. They are utilized in construction, automotive and E&E industries as well as in medical technology, ...


Established Construction Material: Ceresana publishes study on the European market for bitumen


For centuries, bitumen has been used in a wide variety of applications, mainly in the production of asphalt. The viscous mixture is very important in the construction sector in particular. Ceresana is currently publishing a complete overview of the European market for bitumen: Analysts expect ...


Succeeding faster: Ceresana analyzes the global market for catalysts


Fertilizers, detergents and crude oil products in general: Catalysts are need almost always. More than 80% of products in the chemical industry are manufactured using catalytic processes. Accordingly, the economic importance of catalysts, substances used to speed up chemical reactions, is high. ...


Omnipresent Chemicals: Ceresana Presents Study Regarding the Complete Market for Fluorochemicals


Fluorochemicals can be found almost everywhere: in refrigerators and pharma-ceutical drugs, in crop protection and paints, in clothes as well as in fuel cells. They are also used in the production of aluminum, insulation material, lubricants, anticorrosives, semiconductor chips and innumerable ...


Shale gas boom reduces prices

Ceresana presents the worldwide first study on the entire ethylene value chain in the USA


Ethylene is the by far most important raw material in the petrochemical industry. Consumption is immense: the USA single-handedly processed 25 million tonnes of ethylene in the past year. As the first market research institute ever, Ceresana has analyzed the entire ethylene value chain in a ...


Profound changes on the market for stabilizers


Stabilizers are indispensable additives in the production and processing of many plastics and elastomers. Heat and light stabilizers ensure safe processing and protect products against premature aging and weathering. Especially in the manufacturing of products made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ...


Do not get from the frying pan into the fire

Ceresana publishes new market report on flame retardants


Flame retardants prevent or delay the combustion of materials and are indispensable in the protection of plastic products, electric devices, construction materials or textiles. An increasing demand for plastics in the construction sector, automotive industry and the segment electrics and ...


Contested Market: Ceresana Publishes New Study on Butanol


Butanol is a higher alcohol mainly manufactured from propylene. Butanol and its derivatives are important ingredients of paints and varnishes, especially so in water-borne formulations. According to the latest market report by Ceresana, global demand for butanol rose by 2.7% p.a. between 2005 and ...


Ceresana expects the market for bioplastics to grow


Even though they still account for only a small share of the plastics market as a whole, bioplastics have become a real alternative to standard plastics manufactured from petrochemical feedstocks. The term 'bioplastics' is utilized for a whole range of various products with different properties ...


Good prospects for fillers

Ceresana publishes the 3rd edition


The market research institute Ceresana expects the global market for fillers to generate revenues of approx. US$27.7 billion in 2021. In 2013, Asia-Pacific was the worldwide largest sales market for fillers, accounting for 48% of total demand, followed by Western Europe and North America. The two ...


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