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Pfizer, GSK, and Siemens form R&D Consortium with A*STAR’s Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences

New programme aims to help companies increase productivity with technology solutions for pharmaceutical and chemical sectors


Pfizer Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, Glaxo Wellcome Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. and Siemens Pte. Ltd, have signed on as founding members of a new A*STAR R&D Consortium Programme - Innovative Processing of Specialties and Pharmaceuticals (iPSP). Launched by A*STAR’s Institute of Chemical and Engineering ...


Paper strips can quickly detect toxin in drinking water


A strip of paper infused with carbon nanotubes can quickly and inexpensively detect a toxin produced by algae in drinking water. Engineers at the University of Michigan led the development of the new biosensor. The paper strips perform 28 times faster than the complicated method most commonly ...


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Tiny whispering gallery

A sensor can detect a single nanoparticle and take its measurement


Nanotechnology has already made it to the shelves of your local pharmacy and grocery: nanoparticles are found in anti-odor socks, makeup, makeup remover, sunscreen, anti-graffiti paint, home pregnancy tests, plastic beer bottles, anti-bacterial doorknobs, plastic bags for storing vegetables, and ...


Caltech researchers show how organic carbon compounds emitted by trees affect air quality


A previously unrecognized player in the process by which gases produced by trees and other plants become aerosols has been discovered by a research team led by scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Their research on the creation and effects of these chemicals, called ...


'Lab on a chip' to give growers real-time glimpse into water stress in plants


Fifteen years ago, when Alan Lakso first sought to enlist Cornell's nanofabrication laboratory to develop a tiny sensor that would measure water stress in grapevines, the horticultural sciences professor ended up back at the drawing board. It wasn't until Abraham Stroock, associate professor of ...


First high-resolution images of bone, tooth and shell formation


Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) have for the first time made high-resolution images of the earliest stages of bone formation. They used the world's most advanced electron microscope to make three-dimensional images of the nano-particles that are at the heart of the ...


Change in the Tecan Board of Directors

Board of Directors Chairman Mike Baronian will not stand for re-election at the ordinary Annual General Meeting 2009


Change in the Board of Directors of Tecan: in line with a periodic renewal, the Tecan Board of Directors proposes to the ordinary Annual General Meeting on 22 April 2009 Heinrich Fischer, Gérard Vaillant, Prof. Dr. Peter Ryser und Dr. Jürg Meier for re-election and Rolf A. Classon, Dr. Lukas ...


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Berkeley Scientists Bring MRI/NMR to Microreactors


In a significant step towards improving the design of future catalysts and catalytic reactors, especially for microfluidic "lab-on-a-chip" devices, researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the University of California (UC) at ...


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European business restructure of Shimadzu completed

Integrated in European business structure


Shimadzu is completing its European business restructuring process step by step and focusing on establishing independent companies in major markets and countries all over Europe. This structure forms part of the "Strategy of the Future" formulated in 2004 in order to better support new trends and ...


Tecan expands management team


Tecan announced that the Board of Directors of the Tecan Group AG has appointed Matthew Robin and Carl Severinghaus as members of the Group Executive Committee. With the further strengthening of the senior management team and the new organizational structure implemented earlier this year, Tecan ...


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