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Greener horizons: Plastics may grow on trees


Money may not grow on trees, but gasoline, computers, and tennis shoes just might thanks to new biotech advances that could allow manufacturers to produce fuel, plastics, and other chemicals from plants instead of petroleum. That's the topic of an article in the current issue of Chemical & ...


Louisiana Tech researchers using nanotechnology in biofuel process to save money, environment


Dr. James Palmer, associate professor of chemical engineering at Louisiana Tech University, is collaborating with fellow professors Dr. Yuri Lvov, Dr. Dale Snow, and Dr. Hisham Hegab to capitalize on the environmental and financial benefits of "biofuels" by using nanotechnology to further improve ...


Iowa State researchers looking for catalyst that allows plants to produce hydrocarbons


Plants and algae may be a source of green, renewable hydrocarbons that could replace the ancient, finite hydrocarbons in fossil fuels, according to a team of researchers led by Iowa State University's Jackie Shanks. Shanks, Iowa State's Manley R. Hoppe Professor of Chemical Engineering, said ...


University of Minnesota researchers discover breakthrough method for chemical separations

New process could greatly reduce energy used in the production of biofuels


A team of researchers, led by chemical engineering and materials science professor Michael Tsapatsis in the University of Minnesota's Institute of Technology, have developed a more energy-efficient method of chemical separations that could revolutionize processes in the petrochemical and biofuels ...


Queen's scientists discover eco-friendly wood dissolution


Scientists at Queen's University Belfast have discovered a new eco-friendly way of dissolving wood using ionic liquids that may help its transformation into popular products such as bio fuels, textiles, clothes and paper. Dr Héctor Rodríguez and Professor Robin Rogers from the University's ...


Scientists create new enzymes for biofuel production


Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and DNA2.0 have taken an important step toward the development of a cost-efficient process to extract sugars from cellulose - the world's most abundant organic material and cheapest form of solar-energy storage. Plant sugars are ...


Process can cut the cost of making cellulosic biofuels


A patented Michigan State University process to pretreat corn-crop waste before conversion into ethanol means extra nutrients don't have to be added, cutting the cost of making biofuels from cellulose. The AFEX (ammonia fiber expansion) pretreatment process, developed by Bruce Dale, University ...


Chemical engineers publish progress report


IChemE (The Institution of Chemical Engineers) has published a progress report, detailing the implementation of its technical strategy, and the key challenges facing chemical engineers in the future. 'Driving in the right direction' outlines the activities undertaken by the Institution and its ...


Biomass production - careful planning can bring many benefits


One way of supplying energy is to grow plant material and burn it. If managed well most of the carbon released by burning the material will be captured by the growing plants, and so have a low impact on overall levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Better still, the growing plants could be used ...


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