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Scientists develop diesel that emits far less CO2


Researchers from KU Leuven and Utrecht University have discovered a new approach to the production of fuels. Their new method can be used to produce much cleaner diesel. It can quickly be scaled up for industrial use. In 5 to 10 years, we may see the first cars driven by this new clean ...


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Discovery of a highly efficient catalyst eases way to hydrogen economy


Hydrogen is usually produced by separating water with electrical power. And although the water supply is essentially limitless, a major roadblock to a future "hydrogen economy" is the need for platinum or other expensive noble metals in the water-splitting devices.Noble metals resist oxidation ...


Cages offer new direction in sustainable catalyst design


University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers have developed a new approach to structuring the catalysts used in essential reactions in the chemical and energy fields. The advance offers a pathway for industries to wean themselves off of platinum, one of the scarcest metals in the earth's crust.In an ...


Manchester University scoops top prize at IChemE awards


A carbon calculator software tool developed by chemical engineers at Manchester University clinched the top prize last night at the IChemE 2010 innovation and excellence awards. The CCalc helps companies to measure and reduce their carbon footprint at minimum cost and has been developed in ...


The effects of hydrogen on growing carbon nanotubes


Carbon nanotubes -- long, hollow cylinders of carbon billionths of a meter in diameter -- have many potential uses in nanotechnology, optics, electronics, and many other fields. The exact properties of nanotubes depend on their structure, and scientists as yet have little control over that ...


'Nanosprings' offer improved performance in biomedicine, electronics


Researchers at Oregon State University have reported the successful loading of biological molecules onto "nanosprings" – a type of nanostructure that has gained significant interest in recent years for its ability to maximize surface area in microreactors. The findings, announced in the journal ...


Bayer Technology Services collaborates with the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

Basic research in the field of high-performance materials


Bayer Technology Services GmbH (BTS) and the Excellence Cluster for the Engineering of Advanced Materials – Hierarchical Structure Formation for Functional Devices (EAM) at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg have signed a cooperation agreement. The focus is on basic research in the field of ...


New process is promising for hydrogen fuel cell cars


A new process for storing and generating hydrogen to run fuel cells in cars has been invented by chemical engineers at Purdue University. The process, given the name hydrothermolysis, uses a powdered chemical called ammonia borane, which has one of the highest hydrogen contents of all solid ...


King appointed new IChemE president


Desmond King, president of Chevron Technology Ventures, has been appointed as the 69th president of IChemE (the Institution of Chemical Engineers). King succeeds Ian Shott CBE as president of the international professional membership organisation and used his presidential address to examine the ...


Engineers image nanostructure of a solid acid catalyst and boost its catalytic activity

Researchers from Lehigh and Rice universities combine electron microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to shed new light on a tungstated zirconia catalyst


The catalytic processes that facilitate the production of many chemicals and fuels could become much more environmentally friendly thanks to a breakthrough achieved by researchers from Lehigh and Rice Universities. In an article published Nov. 8 by the journal Nature Chemistry, the researchers ...


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