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Newsletter No. 12, March 2019
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Increasing the speed of reactions is a main goal for industrial production of intermediates and finished products. Catalytic processes are one of the possible techniques. Nevertheless there are several other process optimizations, which are used to speed things up. Have a glance at them in our infographic:

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Top News
Research team uses artificial muscles to develop an air conditioner for the future
It can be used to cool or heat the air in a room or to cool or heat liquids. And it looks like something that Q – the tech specialist and gadgeteer in the James Bond films – might have come up ...
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Effective Transport of µL-Samples with the xLess
Start into a new dimension of sample transport in ultra-trace analysis!
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LC-ICP-MS Is the Key to the World of Elemental Species
Highest Sensitivity and Lowest Detection Limits with PlasmaQuant® MS Series and PQ LC
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High-Performance Ion-Detectors for Mass Spectroscopy
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Top News
Restriction of hazardous substances in tattoo inks
ECHA’s Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) adopted its final opinion supporting the proposal by Denmark, Italy, Norway and ECHA to restrict the ...
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Top News
BASF expands innovation scope in Asia Pacific
BASF is enhancing its regional innovation capabilities with new facilities at the Innovation Campus Shanghai, to further strengthen collaboration with the ...
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KNF’s new building nears completion
Millions invested in growth
Numerous guests gathered in the district of Munzingen, Freiburg for the topping-out ceremony on March 15, 2019. Together with the construction companies ...
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Duplicate or mirror? Laser light determines chirality of molecules
Seven of the ten most frequent medications contain chiral agents. These are molecules that occur in right- or left-handed forms. During chemical synthesis ...
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Ocean sink for man-made CO2 measured
An international research project led by scientists from ETH Zurich has determined the amount of man-made CO2 emissions taken up by the ocean between 1994 ...
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Lightweight metal foams become bone hard and explosion proof after being nanocoated
Strong enough not only for use in impact protection systems in cars, but able to absorb the shock waves produced by a detonation. Those are just some of ...
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Cause of cathode degradation identified for nickle-rich materials
Combination of research methods reveals causes of capacity fading, giving better insight to design advanced batteries for electric vehicles
A team of scientists including researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory ...
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Converting biomass by applying mechanical force
One of the greatest global challenges is the efficient use of renewable sources in order to meet the increasing demand for energy and feedstock chemicals ...
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SABIC and hte announce deepened partnership
On March 13, 2019, SABIC and hte extended plans for collaboration for five more years to increase efficiency through digitalization and high throughput ...
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Fuel cell vehicles: New sensor system safeguards fuel quality at hydrogen filling stations
Fuel cell vehicles need hydrogen to operate, but that hydrogen has to be free of any contaminants that could damage the fuel cell. Professor Andreas Schü ...
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Dräger increases stake in Hamburg-based start-up bentekk to 100%
The Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA increased its stake in bentekk GmbH to 75% in October 2018, and to 100% in February 2019. The purchase was linked to ...
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Manon Bloemer new VNCI director
Manon Bloemer will start as director of the Koninklijke Vereniging van de Nederlandse Chemische Industrie (Royal Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry ...
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LANXESS significantly expands benzyl alcohol capacity
Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is expanding its production capacity for the industrial chemical benzyl alcohol for the global market by around 30 ...
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Metrohm and B&W Tek to take Raman spectroscopy to the next level
The acquisition of B&W Tek LLC by Swiss Metrohm AG in July 2018 creates one of the largest solution providers for applied Raman spectroscopy. Two ...
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ALTANA Remains on the Growth Path in an Increasingly Challenging Environment
Sales increase by 3 percent to €2,307 million
In the 2018 fiscal year, the specialty chemicals company ALTANA remained on the growth path in a difficult market environment. Sales rose by 3 percent to € ...
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LANXESS achieves strong result in 2018 and makes a solid start to the new fiscal year
Net income increased significantly to EUR 431 million
LANXESS closed its fiscal year with a strong result. In 2018, EBITDA pre exceptionals increased by 9.8 percent to EUR 1.016 billion. As forecast, earnings ...
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Stora Enso invests in next-generation renewable, recyclable and biodegradable formed fiber solutions
Stora Enso is investing EUR 5 million to build a new production line and related infrastructure to manufacture formed fiber products at Hylte Mill in ...
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BASF opens a new site for digitalization
New global digital center in Madrid
In February 2019, BASF has founded the new company BASF Digital Solutions S.L. located in Madrid, Spain to drive forward the digital transformation of BASF ...
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1 + 1 does not equal 2 for graphene-like 2D materials
Physicists from the University of Sheffield have discovered that when two atomically thin graphene-like materials are placed on top of each other their ...
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How GxP-regulated laboratories can use digitization as an opportunity
Industry 4.0 concepts that support regulatory compliance and data integrity in lab environments
A few years ago the term “Industry 4.0” was used to describe a future vision of digitized production. This concept is now being implemented by industry. It is characterized by a high degree of automation and networked processes, without which global competitiveness would no longer be achievable.
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Multifunctional, industrial-grade Mill
Reproducible Comminution and Homogenisation Within Seconds
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CEM's Remarkably Intelligent Microwave Digestion System
Microwave Digestion for High-Throughput with One Touch
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Combustion Analysis Has Never Been Easier
CHNS determination from micro to macro with elemental analyzers for organic elemental analysis
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Simple and Reliable Determination of Product Properties in Few Seconds
It determines fat, protein and dry matter content in milk and dairy products
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In-Situ FTIR Spectroscopy Reaction Monitoring
Understand reaction kinetics and mechanism in real-time
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MPA II - the new FT-NIR Multi Purpose Analyzer
Push button QC with FT-NIR spectroscopy
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XPR Analytical Balances: Weighing Solutions without Compromise
Economical Use of Your Valuable Samples
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Ultra-pure PFA Lab Bottles with Standardized GL 45 Thread
Chemically inert, hydrophobic and thermally stable for demanding analytical applications
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Faster Runs without Sacrificing Resolution
The New Dionex™ Integrion™ HPIC™ System for Routine Ion Analysis
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Environmental Testing – Go Green
Reliable Environmental Analysis for Air, Water & Soil Testing
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Precise Metering with Explosion Protection
Complies with the EC Directive 94/9 Equipment and Protective Systems for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres and ATEX
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Liquid Chemicals Are Metered Conveniently, Cost-Effectively and Reliably
DULCODOS Universal Metering System: Fully Ready Mounted and Easy to Install
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Innovative Gas Solutions for Your Laboratory
Gas generators offer a safe, convenient and cost effective alternative to gas cylinders.
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Innovative Point-of-Use Water Purification Provided by Merck's Milli-Q® Integral System
One-Source Pure and Ultrapure Water Solution Provides Users with Complete Control, Total Convenience
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X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Small Area Spectroscopy, Angle-Resolved XPS, and XPS Mapping/Imaging
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LABbase – The LIMS Standard
A LIMS based on the tools blomesystem Designer and blomesystem Reportgenerator
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For More Safety in Your Laboratory
New VICI Caps and Safety Caps Prevent the Evaporation of Toxic Compounds
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Particle Analysis at the Touch of a Button
Analysis of Nano- and Submicroparticles in Dispersions and Solutions with the Litesizer 500
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Customized Spectroscopy Apps for Analyzing Raman and Infrared Spectra
Increase sample throughput, avoid errors and save time and money
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Wire Mesh Process Filters with Precise Selectivity - Individually Developed According to Your Requirements
Filtration of Impurities, Homogenization, Prevention of Agglomerates
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The New Catalogue with over 10,000 Ready-To-Use Laboratory Chemicals
Contains It All: Conventional Solutions, Standards and Ready-To-Use Reagents
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White papers
Worry-Free Weighing — Our Medicine for Optimized Processes
Start Your Workflow Optimization Now
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Guide to Moisture Analysis
Fundamentals and Applications
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Spectrophotometry Applications and Fundamentals
UV/VIS Spectrophotometry Fundamentals Guide
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Covestro AG
Polymer materials
Textile coating
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ProMinent GmbH
Metering technology
Dosing systems
Measuring and control technology
Water treatment
Disinfection systems
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Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH
Elemental analyzers
N/protein analyzers
TOC/TNb analyzers
Massenspektrometer für (IRMS)
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Kautex Textron GmbH & Co. KG
Bottles and containers made of plastics
Plastic bottles and containers with food conformity
Lab bottles and containers made of plastics
UN approved bottles for hazardous products
UN approved jerry cans for hazardous products
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