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Chemical 3D Imaging with Raman: ultrasensitive & fast, 200 nm resolution, upgradeable to AFM

WITec microscopes allow Confocal Raman Imaging for chemical 3D Imaging and Atomic Force Microscopy for high-resolution surface analysis on large samples more

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  • How to make a 'perfect' solar absorber

    The key to creating a material that would be ideal for converting solar energy to heat is tuning the material's spectrum of absorption just right: It should absorb virtually all wavelengths of light that reach Earth's surface from the sun — but not much of the rest of the spectrum, since that would more

  • Charge transport jamming in solar cells

    Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, jointly with scientists from Switzerland and Spain, have investigated the working mechanism of a new type of solar cells in which an organic-inorganic perovskite compound forms the light-absorbing layer. These cells can be prod more

  • Proteins that replace silicon: A semi-artificial leaf faster than “natural” photosynthesis

    A cooperation between chemists and biologists from the Ruhr-University Bochum resulted in a new method for the very efficient integration of photosynthetic proteins in photovoltaics. Their recent report in Chemistry - a European journal, selected as a very important paper (VIP) by the journal, offer more

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  • Chalcogenide Perovskites for Photovoltaics

    Chalcogenide perovskites are proposed for photovoltaic applications. The predicted band gaps of CaTiS3, BaZrS3, CaZrSe3, and CaHfSe3 with the distorted perovskite structure are within the optimal range for making single-junction solar cells. The predicted optical absorption properties of these mater more

  • Functionalized Poly(3-hexylthiophene)s via Lithium–Bromine Exchange

    Poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) is one of the most extensively investigated conjugated polymers and has been employed as the active material in many devices including field-effect transistors, organic photovoltaics and sensors. As a result, methods to further tune the properties of P3HT are desirable more

  • Long Minority Carrier Diffusion Lengths in Bridged Silicon Nanowires

    Nanowires have large surface areas that create new challenges for their optoelectronic applications. Lithographic processes involved in device fabrication and substrate interfaces can lead to surface defects and substantially reduce charge carrier lifetimes and diffusion lengths. Here, we show that more

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  • Global Polysilicon Market Report: 2011 Edition

    Polysilicon has a major influence on its end markets - Semiconductor and Photovoltaic industry. Polysilicon is the substrate upon which primarily all semiconductors are manufactured. Polysilicon is an important component for silicon-based solar cells. Consumption of solar industry grew more than its more

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heliatek - organic based photovoltaics

    Deutsch Home About Us About Us The Challenges Team Current investors Partners Technology Introduction Achievements Products News/Press All items Site news only Press releases only Press Kit In the news RSS-feed Careers Contact Us Welcome   New world record efficiency for organic photovoltaics ha more

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