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New Micro-Flow LC-MS Solution

High sensitivity, durability and ease-of-use

Nexera Mikros - Shimadzu's new Mikro-LC System

Nexera Mikros - Shimadzu's new Mikro-LC System

One-touch column connection with UF-Link technology

In pharmaceutical development analysis occasionally has to be performed on only trace amounts of components in small blood samples. Examples include studies of the pharmacokinetics of new drug substances or their metabolism. In such cases, LC-MS systems compatible with nano flowrates have been utilized. However, nano flowrate-compatible LC-MS systems often suffer from complications in terms of instrument operability and processing speed, such as a tendency for pipes to clog, difficulty discovering liquid leaks and the hours required for the analysis of a single sample.

The Nexera Mikros can accommodate a wide range of flowrates, from semi-micro flowrates (100 to 500 µL/min), to micro flowrates (1 to 10 µL/min). With this product, Shimadzu is contributing to improving the productivity at pharmaceutical companies and clinical contract research organizations.

Specific features are:

1. Significant increase in sensitivity
Nexera Mikros is equipped with e newly developed solvent delivery pump including a control system that reduces pulsation and delivers a stable solvent flow even at low micro flowrates. In addition, the positioning of the ionization interface has been optimized for more efficient sample introduction into the mass spectrometer.

2. UF-Link technology supports high-sensitivity analysis and improved operability
Microscopic gaps (dead volume) in the piping connectors lead to a decrease in sensitivity by causing peak dispersion. UF-Link, a connection mechanism between the analytical column and the mass spectrometer, enables one-touch, zero-dead-volume connection between the column and the ionization interface of the mass spectrometer. UF-Link is compatible any standard column, offering a flexible choice of stationary phases to suit the target sample.

3. Higher efficiency of investments in Research and Development
The LC-Mikros solvent delivery pump serves a wide flowrate range, from micro flowrates of 1 µL/min to semi-micro flowrates of 500 µL/min. By enabling analysis comparable to existing LC-MS systems, as well as high-sensitivity analysis at micro flowrates, this single unit improves the operational efficiency of the LC-MS system and shortens research and development times.

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