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Inline Analysis of Particle Size and Count

Optimize Crystal Size, Yield and Purity

Determination of particle dimensions, shape and number

In situ measurements in the actual process

No sampling or sample preparation

Quick understanding of the process, effective optimization of particle processes

Good ergonomics and flexibility due to exchangeable probes

Particles, crystals and droplets occur in numerous chemical processes and often pose challenges with optimizing product quality and process efficiency. Characterizing particle properties effectively, in particular particle size and count, allows processing problems to be solved and product quality to be improved.

ParticleTrack with FBRM (focused laser backscattering) is used directly in chemical processes to track particle size, shape and count in real-time at full process concentrations. Particles, particle structures and droplets are monitored continuously, as experimental conditions vary, providing scientists with the evidence required to deliver consistent particles with the required attributes.

FBRM (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement) is the industry-standard measurement technique used for in-process measurement of particles. A highly precise chord length distribution (CLD), sensitive to particle size and count, is reported in real-time without the need for sampling or sample preparation. No shape is assumed and the measurement can be applied at full process concentrations in opaque or translucent slurries and emulsions.

ParticleTrack with FBRM technology is used in many industries, from research to manufacturing, for in-process measurement. Typical application areas include:

  • Crystallization and precipitation
  • Liquid formulations
  • Dissolution and disintegration of tablets
  • Flocculation

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