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Protein Purification as easy as filtration

Vivapure Mini & Maxi Ion Exchange spin columns

The Vivapure Ion Exchange spin columns are centrifugal devices, incorporating Sartobind Membrane Adsorber technology as their chromatography matrix. Vivapure IEX devices are the fastest and safest way to purify proteins – making purification almost as easy as filtration.

The rapid 1-2-3 bind-wash-elute protocol especially lends itself to screening applications, where many samples are processed in parallel. Vivapure Mini & Maxi are available with three different membrane chemistries and different protein binding capacities (1 mg/unit; 20 mg/ unit,4 mg/unit and 80 mg) .


Fast and simple to use

  • Devices are ready to use- no column packing necessary
  • Enables protein purification being as simple as filtration

Reproducible results

  • Vivapure IEX Spin devices for fast and highly reproducible results
  • Vivapure IEX Spin devices cannot run dry

Centrifugal devices

  • Offer the possibility of working in parallel

Up-scale product range

  • Process scale modules are available with the same Sartobind IEX membrane adsorber matrix


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