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Dispensette S – the New Generation Bottle-Top Dispenser from BRAND

For dispensing aggressive reagents and organic solvents - directly from the supply bottle

Dispensing is one of the routine tasks in many laboratories which, above all, should be quick and easy. For the new generation of Dispensette® bottle-top dispensers, BRAND® has further improved the ease of handling in addition to its accuracy and durability.

The user will notice the benefits in his daily work. Improved flow of the liquid inside the instrument results in a faster priming – saving valuable time for the user. The new one-piece discharge tube can be easily inserted into the valve block and removed again with one hand. Thanks to new valves without separate seals, searching for lost sealing rings is now a thing of the past. "We have looked at all details of the Dispensette S  with practical improvements in almost all areas, from the valve technology to the screw cap" says Dr. Patrick Jost, Product Manager at BRAND.

The smooth operation with minimal effort still remains a key feature of the Dispensette S. The floating piston sets the Dispensette S apart from most other dispensers on the market. The broad application range of the Dispensette S for acids, alkalis, salt solutions and polar organic solvents is well known. The Dispensette S Organic is available for non-polar organic solvents and concentrated acids.

With its mechanical counter, the Dispensette S Digital allows for a finer adjustment of the dispensing volume compared to analog versions. Reading errors are virtually eliminated thanks to the digital numeric display. The easy calibration technique integrated into the digital models allows adjustment in a matter of seconds as part of the inspection equipment monitoring according to ISO 9001 and GLP.

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