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CAMAG Linomat 5

The Linomat 5 offers semi-automatic sample application for qualitative and quantitative analyses as well as for preparative separations. The instrument is suitable for routine use for medium sample throughput. in contrast to the Automatic TLC Sampler (ATS 4), changing the sample for the Linomat requires presence of an operator.

Spray-on technique

With the linomat samples are sprayed onto the chromatographic layer in the form of narrow bands. this technique allows larger volumes to be applied than by contact transfer (spotting). during the spraying the solvent of the sample evaporates almost entirely concentrating the sample into a narrow band of selectable length. starting zones sprayed on as narrow bands ensure the highest resolution attainable with any given thin-layer chromatographic system. For qualitative and quantiative hptlc as well as for demanding preparative separation spray-on application as bands is a necessity.

Key features

  • operation in stand alone mode or under wincats.
  • sample application as narrow bands using the spray-on technique.
  • application of solutions onto any planar medium.
  • semi-automatic operation, only changing of sample (cleaning, filling and replacing the syringe) is performed manually.

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