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Rapid and reliable analysis of TOC and TN with Skalars FORMACS/PRIMACSSERIES

TOC and TN Analyzers for Water and Solids Analysis

Skalar’s FormacsHT TOC/TN analyzer with optional TN Detector

Skalar’s FormacsHT TOC analyzer with optional PrimacsMCS for analysis of solids

Skalar’s FormacsLT TOC analyzer for low level TOC analysis in complex matrices

Skalar’s PrimacsATC/SN(C) TOC/TN analyzer for Carbon and Nitrogen analysis in solids

Skalar’s PrimacsSLC TC/TIC/TOC analyzer for Carbon analysis on solids

Skalar, a Dutch manufacturer of automated chemistry analyzers, offers a variety of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Nitrogen (TN) analyzers that meet all laboratory requirements and regulations like DIN and ISO. The units are designed to measure and handle the amount of Nitrogen and/or Carbon fractions from various sample matrices.

Skalar has the FormacsSERIES range available for measuring TOC and TN in liquid samples.  The FormacsHT analyzer is based on high temperature catalytic combustion and is able to determine low levels of TOC in ultra clean waters such as pharmaceutical and drinking waters but also performing equally well for the analysis of waste, surface, seawater and soil extracts.

The analyzer features a versatile modular design and excellent performance for the analysis of TC, TIC, TOC, DOC, NPOC, TN and NO3/NO2. The analyzer can be operated as a stand-alone analyzer where sample and standard solutions are introduced directly through a septumless rotary injection port. For larger sample numbers an optional random access auto-sampler is available with different carrousels to accept sample vials of different volumes. Sample homogenization is available by a contamination free top stirring device or by magnetic stirrer.

Sample pre-treatment for NPOC determination is fully controlled by the operation software and can be selected as the preferred mode by the operator. The instrument has the possibility with a dual needle configuration to acidify and purge the sample following the one being analyzed, this saves valuable analysis time. A variety of options and accessories are available, including the PrimacsMCS add-on module for carbon determination in solid and sludge materials and additionally, the analyzer can be extended with the optional TN detector and unique NN reactor for Total Nitrogen and Nitrate/Nitrite analysis to offer a true and safer Kjeldahl alternative.

The FormacsLT Analyzer is particularly suitable for low level TOC analysis in complex sample matrices in a wide variety of applications including drinking, ground, sea, and surface waters. The method is based on a combination of UV-persulfate oxidation and NDIR detection. This fully automated analyzer gives results every four minutes. The analyzer includes a fully integrated random access sampler with a capacity of 80 sample positions and a sample stirrer.

The PrimacsSERIES range has been designed to offer a true solution of Carbon and/or Nitrogen analysis in solid samples.

The PrimacsATC analyzer is available for fast and accurate analysis of TC and TOC solid and also liquid samples. Typical applications include soil, plant and fertilizer samples, waste incinerators, sludge and sediments and cement/mining industry samples. The PrimacsSN analyzer performs Total Nitrogen/ Protein analysis.  Typical applications include soil and plant, food, animal feed and environmental waste. Combined TC and TN analysis is possible with the PrimacsSNC analyzer. Typical applications are soil, plant, animal feed, food samples, sediments and sludge samples. The Nitrogen analysis is based on Dumas Methodology: High temperature combustion, reduction and TCD detection. The Carbon analysis is based on high temperature combustion and Non Dispersive Infra Red (NDIR) detection. The samples are weighed into re-usable quartz crucibles and loaded onto the integrated autosampler. The analytical balance is interfaced with the software. The autosampler is equipped with a unique vertical “bottom-to-top” sample introduction system, which reduces maintenance significantly.

The PrimacsSLC analyzer provides Carbon analysis on solid/sludge materials and liquids. Based on a dual furnace design the system is capable of performing fast, reliable and separate determinations of TC and TIC without sample pretreatment. The TOC is automatically calculated (TOC=TC-TIC).

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