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Ergonomic design which allows one-hand-operation of volume selection, loading and dispensing of liquids

12 different tip sizes, 120 program steps, consistent mechanical, ergonomic and easy to handle.

ripette® pro, front side

ripette® pro, reverse side

ripette® pro with inserted tip

ripette® pro with inserted tip and up-tilted stop lever

ritips® professional

As an innovative solution, Ritter Medical from Schwabmünchen/Germany now launches a new stepper generation: ripette® pro. This professional system is can be used universally for all established dispenser tips and is designed for a precise working.

Through a vision panel, 120 different program steps can be chosen individually; a programming of dispensing steps is no longer necessary. Due to its consistent mechanical technique, the ripette® pro is applicable at any time and neither needs batteries nor a charging set. As ripette® pro was created user-optimized, it responds to modern laboratory needs.

ritips® professional for a larger assortment of dispenser tips: In total, twelve diverse sizes from different manufacturers are suitable for ripette® pro. Classical ritips® 0,05 ml; 1,25 ml and 12,5 ml as well as ritips® professional 0,1 ml; 0,2 ml; 0,5 ml; 1,0 ml; 2,5 ml; 5,0 ml; 10 ml; 25 ml and 50 ml obtain highly precise results. The corresponding performance specifications together with a starting package are now available on request.

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