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Futureproof-Rheometry: The MCR Series

Anton Paar introduces the third generation of Modular Compact Rheometers

MCR 302

MCR Microscopy

MCR 502

MCR Flow Visualization

MCR Cylinder Peltier-Temperature-System

Anton Paar introduces the third generation of Modular Compact Rheometers. More versatile than ever, the current MCR rheometer series offers one thing first and foremost: An open range of possibilities. This is how Anton Paar defines future-proof rheometry: Whichever new application opens up, MCR rheometer users can rely on the fact that they are always covered – whether in routine quality control or high-end research & development, the speed and precision of the systems’ dynamic EC motor and numerous patented features are always readily available for convenient operation and reliable results.


Rheological requirements are always in flux, much like the flow and deformation behavior of the materials the technology is used to investigate. Building on their intrinsic modular design, MCR rheometers are even further ahead of latest testing applications: The instruments are efficiently and comfortably adapted to meet any testing requirement.

The intuitive application software and patented features like Toolmaster™, an automatic tool recognition and configuration system, make sure of smooth modular operation: Changing a cone-plate for a concentric-cylinder measuring system is just as easy as integrating a new temperature device or extending the MCR rheometers’ testing capabilities with a wide range of application-specific accessories.


The space-saving MCR rheometers are built for practice, with all components incorporated into one simply installed unit that easily fits on a standard laboratory table. “Compact” use of operators' time is also guaranteed: The patented TruGap™ system for automatic gap control, the T-Ready™ feature for controlling the actual sample temperature, and of course the speed and precision of the synchronous EC motor itself – these and other characteristics MCR qualities ensure efficient rheological operation.

Anyone who has ever operated a rheometer knows that a modular rheo-setup is only useful if its measuring systems and environmental systems are easily and swiftly exchanged. With MCR, this exchange basically organizes itself, in a very short time – as the patented Toolmaster™ (US Patent 7,275,419) feature does all the work, recognizing and configuring all systems as soon as these are connected to the rheometer.


MCR rheometers deliver cutting-edge performance. The third generation features well-known as well as new and further refined rheological highlights: The air-bearing-supported, synchronous EC motor, the dynamic TruRate™ sample-adaptive motor controller, the patented normal force sensor integrated in the air bearing, the Piezo Axial Actuator, TruStrain™ real-time position control, improved electronics and numerous other features ensure the MCR series’ world-renowned rheological peak performance.

Two EC motors – all possibilities

The MCR 702 TwinDrive is the latest high-end model of the MCR series. It is equipped with a second EC motor and thus additional test modes (counter-rotation, counter-oscillation and separate motor transducer) can be performed. As a result, the already vast range of possibilities MCR rheometers offer, become endless. With the MCR 702 TwinDrive and its specific accessories new possibilities in the fields of microscopy, extensional rheology, flow visualization etc. are opening up. Furthermore the specifications have been improved again according to torque, normal force and speed.

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