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Memmert Water Baths WNB WNE WPE and Oil Baths ONE

Precision and safety brought to the point

Water bath WNB14 with gable cover closed

Water bath WNB10 with gable cover openend

Water bath WNE22 with flat cover

Because there are such great variations in thermal tests and tested materials, Memmert offers water baths in two performance classes BASIC and EXCELLENT. Even the BASIC models offer twofold overtemperature protection, the visual alarm and functions such as programmable switch-on delay and hold time. The EXCELLENT models have all this and much more: start of the hold time only after the setpoint temperature has been reached, selectable overtemperature control, as well as acoustic warning signals, for example for overtemperature, if filling level is too low or when programme ends.

For warming paraffin wax, for example, the water bath model WNB is usually adequate.

The water baths WNE and WPE support reliable and precise testing processes; e.g. safety glass for the motor and aircraft industries is tested in the water bath for its moisture absorption.

The oil baths ONE with their higher temperatures up to +200 °C are ideal for testing and calibrating temperature sensors, among others.

All thermostatic baths offer a setpoint resolution of 0.1 K, indicated temperature to the nearest 0.1 K, and timer programming of switch-on delay and hold time in 1-minute steps.

The model range of water baths W and oil baths O

  • 6 model sizes with volumes from 7 - 45 litres
  • 2 performance classes BASIC (WNB), EXCELLENT (WNE, WPE; ONE)
  • Water bath WPE 45 with circulating pump
  • Temperature range water baths up to +95 °C (plus boiling stage),
    oilbaths up to +200 °C
  • Container deep-drawn, laser-welded stainless steel interior with integrated large-area heating system on three sides (no disturbing fittings) for optimal temperature uniformity
  • Housing textured stainless steel
  • Optional: Stainless steel gable cover for condensate drainage or stainless steel flat cover with concentric ring sets
  • Optional: Peltier Cooling Unit CDP 115 for water baths for temperatures below room temperature from +10 °C
  • Optional: Shaking device (horizontal back/forth movements), speed from 35 to 160 strokes per minute
  • Optional: Water level control

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