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Robust and Cost-effective Equipment for Standard Fat Extraction

Manual Extraction Systems for the Fat Determination of Food and Foodstuffs

behr series extraction device with 6 individually adjustable sample positions for the standard 100 ml fat extraction according tot he Soxhlet method. Extractors with taps remove the need for additional distillation after the extraction

behr „compact“ extraction device fort he 500 ml standard fat extraction according tot he Soxhlet method.

behr acid digestion unit for hydrolysis, 6 sample positions.

behr filtration device for hydrolysis.

behr racks for 4 and 6 axtraction thimbles

behr apparatus for fat extractions according to Soxhlet fulfil all the various requirements in everyday laboratory practice.

Featuring configurations, suitable for daily use, and with extractors from 30 ml to 1000 ml they serve as reliable “workhorses” in the lab.

With the suitable accessories – digestion and filtration unit – for hydrolysis it is also possible to determine the total fat content.

At a glance:

  • Practical brackets for condensers and intermediate extraction pieces for safe storage between extractions
  • Extractor sizes from 30 ml to 1000 ml
  • Compact apparatus with one sample position
  • Series extraction devices with 4, 6 or 8 individually adjustable sample positions
  • Extractors with specially developed siphon tubes (make: "Bröckerhoff") guarantee consistent results across all sample positions.
  • Extractors with taps remove the need for additional distillation after the extraction
  • Condensers with screw connections improve work safety

The hydrolysis units (1, 4 or 6 sample positions) also enable acid digestion prior to extraction (determination of the total fat content according to Weibull and Stoldt).

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