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Process Monitoring Made Easy – Keep Track with WiSensys

Sensor System Wisensys with Wireless Sensors – Sensors from Other Manufacturers Can Be Integrated

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Logo WiSensys Data Monitoring-System

WiSensys® is the ultimate solution for accurately measuring, securely transmitting and logging the output signals from a variety of sensors.

It is a user-friendly system that can be deployed in various situations. Sensors that perform various measurements such as:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Relative humidity
  • CO2-content
  • Energy consumption
  • Various other values

The measurements results are stored locally in the sensor or sent digitally to a base station, depending on system requirements, by means of wireless technology. Sensors in the WiSensys-family can be used, but the option to connect third party sensors, such as particle counters and dust photometers is available as WiSensys is an open system.

The web-based data monitoring system provides (data-logging) clear dashboard views  and this offers visibility and control of measurement data.

As the need for accurate measurement increases, companies and numerous organizations need to measure energy consumption or monitor processes using temperature and humidity.

There is a large variety of situations where there is a need for reliable data. Therefore, WiSensys is used in various markets such as:

  • Process monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Process monitoring in labs, R&D departments and hospitals
  • Climate monitoring in museums, construction plants and greenhouses
  • Temperature control in food industry

Base Station & Rage Extender

Base stations can receive data from up to WiSensys sensors.

The range between the sensor and base station is up to 1000 metres (free line of sight). If the coverage area of 1 base station is insufficient, additional base stations or one or more range extenders can be used to increase the coverage area.

The base station is available in different versions with different communication options.

SensorGraph & WebSensys

WiSensys provides  the user with two options for the presentation of data-logging, alarming etc.
These are a local PC version, SensorGraph or a web based application, WebSensys.

  • SensorGraph is a PC based application and is designed for single-site monitoring
  • WebSensys is a web-based multi-site application

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