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Chemical Analysis In An Optical Microscope – Material Identification Fast And Easy

LIBS and RAMAN Spectroscopy – Advanced Analyses for Pharma, Medical Engineering, Material Science, and Technical Cleanliness

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Visit rap.ID to learn about our brand new LIBS upgrades to Leica DM series microscopes or the most advanced and flexible particle identification instruments on earth: the SPE

Increase your particle characterization efficiency in quality control with the SPE-I raman.ID + LIBS.ID. Equipped with fully automated microscope functions and integrated spectroscopy you work with minimum time on just a single particle contamination or produce statistical evidence on thousands of micro particles.

Integrated sample preparation: mount your standard filter patches for exact granulometric results. If you are most interested organic particles use our patented coated filter membrane, filtr.AID.

Flexible microscopy – fast and flexible illumination including a fluorescence option and polarization dark-field, bright field combinations ensure perfect contrast of any particle on any substrate.

Ultra-fast reproducible particle recognition – scan with just the resolution you need to detect the particles. Coordinate transfer and alignment of the particles center of gravity to maximum light throughput objectives enables the identification of up to 3000 individual particles per hour.

Intelligent spectroscopy target acquisition – use computerized or manual binarization and unlimited morphological filters to select particle matter for their spectroscopic identification.

Robust Raman and LIBS spectroscopy –  world´s first combined element and structure analysis setup for particle matter ID streamlined foreign particle matter identification in industrial forensics work. Compare and combine the material fingerprints from two independent spectroscopy methods for maximum discrimination power.

Highly intuitive software – truly easy to use software adaptable from beginner level to expert. Create and optimize your measurement parameters and inject them into unique traceable receipt files for maximum measurement reproducibility.

Total traceability and superior training and global support - constant innovation for the industrial contamination control and over more than 15 years experience make this instrument extremely robust and just perfect for routine operations. rap.ID Service teams in Germany and USA guarantee 12 hours response time to your calls.

Request information now or download our brochure.

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