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QSight Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS That Gives You 15% More Time

What Could You Do With an Extra 35 Days of Sample Testing?

QSight triple quadropole LC/MS/MS

Dual Source. Two independent probes provide true multiplexing flexibility

StayClean Source. Self cleaning design delivers maximum sensitivity and exceptional uptime

UniField detector. Patented technology counts positive and negative ions without high-voltage switching

Global regulatory requirements are expanding – and analytical lab requirements are too. That is why we deliver innovative technologies that enable safer food, quality products, and a clean environment.

Our latest innovation? An exceptional solution for a wide range of applications; food safety, environmental testing, industrial research and analysis. The QSight™ triple quad LC/MS/MS delivers the key technologies you count on in a triple quadrupole end-to-end, compact, easy-to-use solution.

The system’s self-cleaning source means you do not have to shut down the system for scheduled cleaning and maintenance. This enables the system to offer up to 35 days more sample testing per year than competitors’ systems. The dual-source design also reduces complexity for multiplexing, with shorter run times and fewer wash cycles – resulting in a fantastic productivity boost. Coupled with the flow-based pressure differential pulls ions for better sensitivity and increased reliability, and with fewer sample concentration requirements, you get less variability from sample to sample. What is more, the system is easy for everyone in your lab – including novice technicians, to learn and use. With software that streamlines everything from method development to results processing and reporting, it requires absolutely no instrument-to instrument method optimization.

Your Benefits:

  • Consistently high performance as a result of its unique flow-based technology
  • 15% more uptime due to a self-cleaning source that requires virtually no maintenance
  • High sensitivity, even higher productivity with unique StayClean™ technology, which employs hot-surface induced desolvation (HSID™), a multi-orthogonal sampling interface that can significantly increase your uptime
  • Two MS systems in one with it’s dual-source technology which enables you to collect data in two complementary modes, maximizing the output from a single injection because of two separate ion inlets that operate independently and can be set in ESI or APCI modes, enabling combinations such as ESI/ESI, ESI/APCI, and APCI/APCI – with the same or opposite polarities

The new QSight triple quad LC/MS/MS is also the complete Pesticide Analyzer, an out-of-the-box regulatory pesticide analysis solution. A global food supply, increased risks from pesticide residues, stringent global regulatory requirements: These pressures and more are ensuring your lab’s pesticide analysis workload grows larger and more complex all the time. But because PerkinElmer QSight Pesticide Analyzer requires no shut-down for cleaning or maintenance, you can enjoy 15% more uptime for sample analysis. Combine that with high sensitivity and a streamlined workflow and you have got the most efficient system available.

Whether you run standard applications or need to meet regulatory compliance, the PerkinElmer QSight triple quad LC/MS/MS is a complete, reliable and confident solution that enables you to run more samples and gives you more time. 

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