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Cost-Effective Ultrapure Water Treatment Directly from Tap Water for All Common Applications

The Aquinity² Produces Ultra Pure Water in Various Volumes and with Full Quality Control of the Production

Aquinity² models are ideal water purification systems for laboratories. Depending on the required amount of ultrapure water, the different versions Aquinity² P10, Aquinity² P35/P70 and E35/70 offer diffrent tank sizes from 10 up to 70 liters. Even very large production volumes of more than 100 liters per day can be easily realized. Even small volumes can be produced cost effective and environmentally friendly.

In addition, the following functions are supported by the system:

  • Large touch screen with an easy-to-use interface
  • Software support for warnings, cartridge replacement or troubleshooting
  • Rapid cartridge replacement
  • 12 months traceability of the conductivity value
  • Flexible water dispenser comforts your water delivery experience

The Aquinity² P10 is equipped with an 8 l/h reverse flow module (RO) to produce deionized water directly into an integrated 10 liter tank. Type I water is produced in the next step with the help of a processing module. The Aquinity² P10 is ideal for laboratories with a low daily requirement of ultrapure water (<20 l/day).

For the Aquinity² P35/P70 models there is an independent tank from which RO water can be extracted (for example, for cleaning glassware or dishwashers). The water quality in this tank depends on the quality of the feed water. The RO module retains approximately 98% of all ions and produces 10l/h or optionally 20 l/h. The tank can be installed next to, above or below the laboratory table. The Aquinity² P35/P70 is also capable of TOC monitoring. Aquinity² P35/P70 is the perfect system for a medium-sized laboratory.

An additional EDI cell is included in the Aquinity² E35/E70 systems to produce type II water with a permeate rate of 10 liters (optional 18 l) per hour. The water can be taken directly from the 35 liter or 70 liter tank. The water in the tank has a high quality of <0.5 μS/cm for the Aquinity² E35/E70 models and be used for less sensitive applications. The high quality also prevents the processing module from being exhausted faster. For labs that need more than 100 liters per day, the Aquinity² E35/E70 is the most economical and most ecological (less waste) solution. All Aquinity² models are available in various versions (Reagent, Analytical (with UV lamp) & LifeScience (with UV and UF).

With additional options, our Aquinity² models can be expanded. For example, our new automatic memTap allows the volume-controlled removal of water with a filling height of 55 cm. This prevents the overflow of containers and permits the removal of water without monitoring. The arm can be moved horizontally and vertically. The 3.5 " touch screen display shows all relevant data at a glance.

TOC monitoring makes it possible to check organic substances in the water. The TOC value is measured between 1 and 30 ppb and displayed in the display.

On request, we can manufacture individual tanks to cover special consumption tips. In a consultation, you may also discuss pre-cleaning measures in order to give your ultrapure water treatment the best price/performance ratio. Please contact us.

If you have any questions or need a quote request information now!

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