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Custom-Made Online Applications

Flexible and Reliable Solution When It Comes to Computerized Online Particle Analysis

Measuremnt of each particle

Online particle analysis during the production process as a plug&play solution

Fertilizer Qualities Grow

Abrasive blasting material is challenging

Feedproducts need gentle measurement

The HAVER CPA (Computerized Particle Analsis) measuring process is used for dynamic image analysis of grain sizes and grain shapes of dry and non-agglomerating particles of bulk materials. The HAVER CPA measuring instrument utilize digital image processing technology for the dynamic image analysis of particles.

The HAVER CPA Online technology is the optimum basis for a flexible and reliable solution when it comes to computerized online particle analysis. For integration into the production process HAVER offers special Online Applications. The modules of the particle analyzer are compactly designed and can be integrated almost everywhere. It is also always possible to retrofit it to existing processes.

The common applications where a HAVER CPA Online control could act as an optimum solution for particle and shape analysis are for incoming goods inspection, production control, and process monitoring. Compared to other measuring methods, the measured data are available in an extremely short time while using CPA solutions. By connecting to the company's internal network the data could be received anywhere.


Feedproducts need gentle measurement. For the quality control of feedstuffs it is increasingly shown that computer-supported particle analysis is the better solution. For one, it can prevent increased mechanical forces, such as those needed to move the animal feed over the screen, have an adverse impact on the single particles and thus on the overall result.

Fertilizer qualities grow. Fertilizer promotes the growth of plants and thus crop yield per hectare can be boosted considerably. Here quality is the decisive criterion when it comes to optimizing fertilizer use. The focus needs to be directed away from price and aimed more at quality improvement. Due to the additional, increasing requirements with regards to environmental compatibility and protection of streams and lakes, the use of fertilizer and certain fertilizing agents will be even more regulated in the future. Therefore optimized distribution and effect on growth will be increasingly important.

Abrasive blasting material is challenging. Abrasive blasting materials are available in many compositions and particle sizes for a variety of applications such as cleaning, de-rusting, matting or surface treatment. Here users not only distinguish between the particle size and shape, whether cubic to almost spherical, but also between the conformity and the at times deviation from specified requirements in terms of the quality of the abrasion material.

Features at a Glance:

  • Can be integrated into the production process
  • Reliable and objective
  • Quickly raised measurement data
  • Each particle is completely measured and recorded
  • Extended and comprehensive data collection
  • Individually identifiable characteristics
  • Gently measurement  

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