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Direct Analyses with GC/MS or LC/MS by Agilent, Shimadzu, LECO and Bruker

Fast results without time-consuming sample preparation

Direct Inlet Probe system for Agilent TQ GC/MS

Direct Inlet Probe system for Shimadzu GC/MS

Direct Inlet Probe system (DIP) for LECO Pegasus GC-HRT TOFMS

SIM has developed a Direct Inlet Probe system (DIP) for mass spectrometer by Agilent, Shimadzu, LECO and Bruker. Both liquid and solid samples can now be analyzed directly, allowing to achieve mass spectra without sample preparation and chromatographic separation. Depending on the MS instrument, different techniques of ionization are available: EI/CI for GC/MS systems as well as ESI/APCI/APPI for LC/MS systems.

Use the Direct Inlet Probe for screenings in the pharmaceutical industry or for quality control in chemistry and food analysis.

Without the chromatographic separation, very fast measuring cycles can be achieved.

The throughput can be optimized additionally through full automation with an autosampler – the ideal solution for screenings.

Technical Sophistication Provides Precise Analytical Results

The Direct Inlet Probe system by SIM allows you to do a direct MS analysis without uncoupling the GC/MS or LC/MS interface. The Direct Inlet Probe system is equipped with a temperature programmable push rod tip that vaporizes the substances directly into the ion source; subsequently the mass spectrum is recorded. The push rod tip achieves heating rates from 0.1 ⁰C to 2 ⁰C per second in a temperature range from 30 ⁰C to 400 ⁰C.

This makes it possible to get time-shifted mass spectra of components with different boiling points and enables a partial separation without a preceding chromatography.

The optional autosampler allows the insertion of liquid or solid samples automatically and saves valuable working time.

Features and Device Coupling

  • The basic structure of the Direct Inlet Probe system is identical – depending on the GC/MS or LC/MS model the appearance of the DIP varies as it is customized both technically and optically to the corresponding device. The Direct Inlet Probe can be integrated into the following systems:
    • Agilent Technologies Single Quadrupole 5973/5975/5977 GC/MS
    • Agilent Technologies Triple Quadrupole 7000/7010 GC/MS
    • Agilent Technologies Q-TOF (Quadrupole Time of Flight) 7200/7250 GC/MS
    • Agilent Technologies 6000 Series LC/MS
    • Shimadzu Single Quadrupole GCMS-QP2010/2020
    • Shimadzu Triple Quadrupole GCMS-TQ8040
    • LECO Pegasus® GC-HRT TOFMS
    • Bruker LC/MS systems
  • Available techniques of ionization: EI/CI (for GC/MS) and ESI/APCI/APPI (for LC/MS)
  • Direct Inlet Probe (DIP) for liquid and solid samples
  • Automatic insertion of the sample into the ion source, for the GC/MS system into the vacuum of the ion source without differential pumping
  • Fast switching from DIP-MS to GC/MS or LC/MS measurements without retrofit
  • Comfortable operation with the DIP software (temperature program for heating of the push rod tip) in combination with MS specific software (for acquisition and evaluation of mass spectral data)
  • Optional PAL autosampler for automatic insertion of liquid and solid samples
  • For fast screenings

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