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Cascadable Two-Component Dosing System for Automatic Production Lines

Optimal Assembly Space for System Design in Dosing Workstations with Lower Dispensing Cell Size

Application of a two component adhesive onto a plastic element for the automotive industry – loudspeaker bonding

Potting of parts and components – with two component and low to high viscosity fluids for various industries

High precision two component dosing system – perfectly suitable for the use in automation systems respectivelly the implementation into robot or axis systems

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Compact system design, weight-optimized, optionally cascadable
  • Processing of viscous materials unfilled or very high filler content
  • Only low supply pressure required for material feed
  • Adjustment of the desired mixing ratio by adjusting the speed ratio of both dispensers
  • Reverse-flow possible (no dripping or stringing of product)
  • Linear relation between speed and dosing quantity
  • Constant dosing volume, even with density or viscosity changes due to temperature fluctuations or batch change
  • Simple programming of volume and dosing speed


  • Static mixing of two components of same or different viscosities
  • Potting dot or bead applications possible
  • Suitable for 2-component adhesive systems based on: epoxy resin (EP), polyurethane (PU), silicone (Si), polyester resin (UP), acrylates

2 component dispenser for high precision dosing with excellent dosing results: The ViscoDuo-P 4/4 dispenser completes the ViscoTec portfolio of high precision dosing components for 2 component fluid and paste dosing solutions.

The dispenser without valves presents a minimal and compact unit size and is specially designed for a minimum of required space in automatic production lines. The optimal design of the ViscoDuo-P 4/4 enables a compact system design of dosing workstations – the space requirements of production surfaces can be used very efficient.

Additional the product design with the minimal necessary size offers an optimization of weight. Therefore the ViscoDuo-P 4/4 is best suited for an implementation into robotics- and axis-systems.

As a further characteristic the ViscoDuo-P 4/4 can be cascaded optionally in multi-dosing-systems almost less of limits. Very small distances of the dispensing heads can be realised easily. The 2 component dispenser can also be comfortably expanded to bundles of mixing heads and offers in that way higher output volumes and a more attractive price scheme.

The ViscoDuo-P 4/4 allows individual configuration for each dosing task to reach a high level result with excellent precision and high repeat accuracy. The components of the materials will be dosed with high precision into the static mixer in compliance with the mixing ratio. The setting of the required mixing ratio is carried out through the adjustment of the speed ratio of the dispensing tracks. Due to that linear relation between the dosing amount and the dispenser speed an exactly dispensing result (± 1 %) can be realised. The volumetric endless-piston-principle ensures a regular flow of material and the flow-optimised design supports a fully dosing without any quantity of material remaining into the interior space of the dispenser.

As all dispensers of the ViscoTec series also this light 2 component dispenser has the property of a programmable reverse-flow that inhibits dripping or stringing of dosing material at the end of the dosing process. Furthermore the small internal volumes of the ViscoDuo-P 4/4 reduce the effort for cleaning maintenance.

The two component dispenser stands for reliable and highly reproducible process solutions – in semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines and assembly processes. Dosing processes are planned optimally and synchronized to the particular case of application by ViscoTec – for highest process stability and cost control.

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