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Best Equipment for R & D and Small Production

Compact Pilot Freeze Dryer with 6 kg Ice Condenser Capacity

Mobile Pilot Freeze Dryer Epsilon 2-6D LSCplus

Wireless Temperature Mesurement WTMplus, fully integrated system within LSCplus controller

Process visualization system LPCplus, the optimal and efficient solution for safe process monitoring and operation

Extensive but intuitive LSCplus user interface

LyoCam camera system: A perfect tool for process optimization and quality control

Pilot freezers from Martin Christ are ideal for research and development. They are also the perfect choice for small serial production. The Epsilon 2-6D LSCplus provides the best possible results when freeze drying solids or liquids in various containers such as ampoules, vials, glass flasks, plasma bottles and trays. Due to the geometrical similarity as well as comparable temperature control system, these pilot plants follow the same philosophy as large production machines.

Equipped with temperature-controlled stainless steel shelves with synthetic heat transfer fluid, this system fulfills the highest standards of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The two-chamber system with the separate ice condenser integrates even more PAT functions for process optimization and development. Thanks to the LSCplus controller and the software LyoLogplus or LPCplus, users can intuitively operate the pilots systems and document processes without gaps. The proven LPCplus software is used for all systems – from pilot freezers to large production facilities.

The extensive Epsilon pilot series from Martin Christ sets the standard for high quality and productive systems. In a unique way, we adapt the configurations to the requirements of our customers. We supply customized pilot systems to pharmaceutical companies and biotech startups around the world. These freezers operate on the same principle as their big brothers – and look almost the same. They offer the highest level of functionality for successful research and process development.

You can select the following modifications:

  • Cleanroom integration
  • Isolator/glove box integration
  • Process optimisation tools
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • LyoControl
  • LyoBalance – weighing system
  • Sample thief/manipulator
  • Comparative pressure measurement (Pirani / capacitive)
  • Wireless product temperature probes WTMplus
  • H2O2-sterilisation (VHP)
  • LN2-Booster
  • Special systems for solvents

The LSCplus series offers a variety of options to optimise your freeze drying processes, including automatic determination of critical product data.

This “AutoLyo” mode uses pre-defined programs/recipes and intelligent interactions of product-related parameters such as

  • Product temperature
  • Ice condenser temperature
  • LyoRx (electrical resistance)
  • Pressure data (pressure increase test, comparison between Pirani and capacitive sensor)

Based on this, a self-optimizing cycle mode AutoLyo can be defined. As a result, time and costs for cycle development and transfer to production can be reduced by at least a factor of 3 compared to conventional freeze dryers.

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