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TORC 5000 – The Optics Route to Thermal Analysis

Anton Paar launches TORC 5000, which applies decades of know-how in optical instrumentation to thermal analysis in a unique and easy way.

Thermal properties play a key role in many industrial applications. Glass transition and melting points govern the production of polymers and also determine the mechanical properties of adhesives and coatings. The coefficient of thermal expansion defines the choice of sealants, for example. Up to now the instruments of choice for these measurements have traditionally been DSC and TMA, although they face challenges such as high cost, time-consuming sample preparation, and limitations regarding sample properties.

The unique Thermo-optical Oscillating Refraction Characterization technique, TORC, is not subject to the above obstacles. This revolutionary new technique uses a periodic thermal excitation and analyzes the optical response. Measurements provide data to determine glass and phase transitions, curing time, curing rate, and curing temperature as well as volume shrinkage and volume expansion. Furthermore, integrated mathematical models allow determination of the coefficient of thermal expansion in a mechanical, perturbation-free way.

A wide range of samples can be measured, including fluids, gels, and strongly adhesive substances. The flexible sample volume starting from just a few µl in combination with easy sample application saves time and avoids errors in the daily laboratory routine.

TORC 5000 is a powerful and economic solution for adhesive and polymer analysis, e.g. to monitor curing and polymer reactions as well as the temperature- and time-dependent behavior of samples.

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