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A Handy Mass Spectrometric Bench-Top System for the Rapid Determination of Molecular Components in Solids, Liquids and Gases

Advion's Compact Mass Spectrometer Expression Cms Convinces by Reducing the Need for Sample Preparation and by Its Design for Simple Operation

The expression CMS enables rapid MS measurements directly in your chemical lab.

With the ASAP® source you can record mass spectra of solid and liquid samples completely without sample preparation.

Characterization of air-sensitive compounds becomes possible by using the iASAP® source.

Advion's volatile Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (vAPCI) module is used for MS-based, rapid identification of molecules in the gas phase

The open platform concept of the expression CMS allows universal coupling with LC systems (HPLC, UPLC, Prep, Flash, SFC) of any manufacturer. Advion also offers its own (U)HPLC systems - the AVANT series.

Coupling of the Plate Express™ with Advion's expression CMS makes it possible to automatically extract substance spots separated on a thin-layer chromatography (TLC) plate and to characterize them by mass spectrometry

Modular device construction:

A high-vacuum unit- containing a robust single-quadrupole mass analyzer and
a reliable mass detector (a secoModundary electron multiplier) - can be equipped with :

  • easily exchangeable sources of sample ionization (based on Electrospray Ionization [ESI]
  • Atmospheric-Pressure Chemical Ionization [APCI]
  • Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe [ASAP®]

The sample supply to the ion sources can in turn be arranged in multiple ways.
The modular concept of the expression CMS ensures a flexible deployment and the integration into different workflows.

Various applications:

The mass spectrometric monitoring of synthesis reactions, the control of purifications and the analysis of complex substance mixtures can be carried out with the expression CMS directly in your own laboratory.

  • Of course, liquid samples can be delivered to a suitable ion source (ESI or APCI) in the usual manner - by infusion or by direct injection into a solvent flow. However, this requires the samples to be dissolved and diluted to a suitable concentration range.
  • The Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP®) transforms Advion's compact mass spectrometer expression CMS into a rapid tester for undissolved or undiluted samples. The ASAP® tip is immersed in the original solid or liquid substance and subsequently inserted together with the adhering sample directly into the ionization source of the expression CMS, so that the associated mass spectrum can be displayed in seconds.
  • Advancing the ASAP®-concept lead to the development of the inert Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (iASAP®) – which can be used to analyze air-sensitive samples without first dissolving and diluting them. In this case, the iASAP® tip is dipped into the original solid or liquid substance, withdrawn into a glass container filled with inert gas and inserted with the adhering sample directly into the ionization source of the expression CMS. Again, the associated mass spectrum can be displayed within seconds.
  • The combination of Advion's volatile Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (vAPCI) and the mass analyzer & detector unit can be used for quick and easy analysis of gas-phase samples, such as headspace samples. For that the gaseous sample is passed through a heated transfer line directly into the ion source of the mass spectrometer.
  • Mass selective purification and fractionation of samples prior to entering an ion source is also implementable. To allow the analysis of molecules in the presence of a complex sample matrix, Advion provides sets consisting of Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) or High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), respectively, and the compact mass spectrometer (expression CMS). The expression CMS can also be coupled with any LC system (HPLC, UPLC, Prep, Flash, SFC) of any manufacturer.
  • Coupling the Plate Express™ with a suitable ion source (ESI or APCI) allows a mass spectrometric characterization of substance spots separated on a thin-layer chromatography (TLC) plate. After manually positioning the TLC plate, a selected sample fraction is extracted in an automated process and analyzed immediately. The process from the start of the extraction to the result takes less than 30 seconds.

The new concept of the expression CMS allows the user to freely choose the configuration and to easily adapt the system to changing workflows. This unrestricted flexibility is highly valued by our customers as it saves a lot of time and increases the efficiency of the laboratory.

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