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An Entirely New Designed Mass Spectrometer for the Chemical Laboratory

The Compact expression CMS Enables Direct Sample Introduction and Ease of Use

expression CMS allows fast MS measurements directly in your chemical lab

With ASAP you can measure MS spectra without any sample preparation

The Plate Express interface couples Thin Layer Chromatography with mass spectrometry. Results in less than 30 seconds

The expression CMS (compact mass spectrometer) is based on robust and reliable single-quadrupole technology, but smaller in size and more convenient to use compared to traditional mass spectrometers. The instrument enables chemists to monitor reactions and identify compounds directly on their own bench, minimizing dependency from external resources and narrowing the use of high-resolution MS-systems to cases where really needed.

Designed as an open access platform, the expression CMS provides full flexibility and can become integrated into multiple workflows with different levels of complexity. In the simplest case, an ASAP® (Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe) capillary is dipped into the sample of interest or scraped along the surface of a solid, and then placed into the expression CMS for direct analysis without any sample preparation. Alternatively, fluid samples are introduced with a syringe and directly injected for flow injection analysis (FIA). Furthermore, the instrument is ready to connect to any HPLC/UPLC system as well as supercritical fluid chromatography systems (SFC) systems for analytical and purification applications. The purification can be supported by mass directed (CMS triggered) fraction collection as it is widely done in prep-LC and SFC, as well as normal phase flash chromatography.

The automated and direct coupling of thin-layer chromatography (TLC) with the mass determination of separated compounds is enabled by Plate Express™, providing the speed of FIA/MS with the selectivity of LC/MS. The novel concept of the expression CMS allows the user to decide at any time which level of integration is actually useful and permits configuration changes within minutes. Chemists appreciate the non-restricted flexibility of the system as it saves them valuable time and improves the laboratory efficiency.


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