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ERACHECK - Environmental protection through CFC-free oil-in-water-testing

CFC-Free Measurement of TPH and TOG in Water and Soil


ERACHECK ECO Measurement


Ecologically and economically Oil-in-Water and Oil-in-Soil Testing

eralytics industry leading Oil-in-Water  and Oil-in-Soil Testers are the only high-precision IR-analyzers on the market using CFC-free solvents for the measurement of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) and Total Oil and Grease (TOG) in water and soil. This CFC-free solvents do not harm the environment by destroying the ozone layer. Apart from the positive effect on our environment there is an economically advantage: the solvents used for the extraction - Cyclohexane or cyclopentane -  are available at very low costs.

Easy Measurement, Fast results

For the Measurement ERACHECK needs an amount of 900 ml water/50 ml solvent extraction. With its portable and rugged stand-alone design the measurement is very easy to carry out,  no special skills are required and the results are very quickly available.

Measurement according to ASTM D7678

eralytics Oil-in-Water Testers are mainly used on drilling platforms and oil fields and have many application fields: the quality control of industrial process & waste water, reinjection water, upstream oil recovery monitoring, environmental monitoring of soil and water and layer monitoring during oil drilling. The measurement is carried out according to ASTM D7678, which is the Standard Test Method for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in Water and Wastewater with Solvent Extraction using Mid-IR Laser Spectroscopy.

ERACHECK is available in two Versions, ERACHECK ECO and ERACHECK PRO. ERACHECK PRO is fully compliant with ASTM D7678. Both are also available with a directly attached optional 10-Position Autosampler.

With eralytics’ ERACHECK the petroleum industry’s need for an environmental-friendly, portable, reliable, easy to use and highly precise Oil-in-Water Analyzer is fulfilled.

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