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Scientific Analysis of Liquid Foams

Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100

Our DFA100 measures foamability of liquids and foam stability as well as the liquid content and bubble structure of foam based on scientific methods...


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Measuring Surface Free Energy in a Second with Only One Click

Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA

The innovative Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA measures surface free energy with two liquids, fully automatically and mobile using the new “One-Click SFE” method...


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Measurement of Interfacial Tension in an Extremely Wide Range with Especially Simple Sample Exchange

Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SDT

The SDT measures interfacial tension in an extreme wide range – for the quality control and development of emulsions and surfactants...


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Accurate Wetting Analysis for Varying Samples and Tasks

Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25

Our contact angle measuring instrument Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25 adapts quickly and flexibly to frequently varying sample types and tasks....


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The universal instrument for analyzing surfactants and solid surfaces

Force Tensiometer – K100

Our K100 performs automated precision measurements of surface and interfacial tension as well as contact angles on solids, fibers and powders...


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