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Waveguide Coupled Resonance Fluorescence from On-Chip Quantum Emitter

Resonantly driven quantum emitters offer a very promising route to obtain highly coherent sources of single photons required for applications in quantum information processing (QIP). Realizing this for on-chip scalable devices would be important for scientific advances and practical applications in the field of integrated quantum optics. Here we report on-chip quantum dot (QD) resonance fluorescence (RF) efficiently coupled into a single-mode waveguide, a key component of a photonic integrated circuit, with a negligible resonant laser background and show that the QD coherence is enhanced by more than a factor of 4 compared to off-resonant excitation. Single-photon behavior is confirmed under resonant excitation, and fast fluctuating charge dynamics are revealed in autocorrelation g(2) measurements. The potential for triggered operation is verified in pulsed RF. These results pave the way to a novel class of integrated quantum-optical devices for on-chip quantum information processing with embedded resonan...

Authors:   Maxim N. Makhonin; James E. Dixon; Rikki J. Coles; Ben Royall; Isaac J. Luxmoore; Edmund Clarke; Maxime Hugues; Maurice S. Skolnick; A. Mark Fox
Journal:   Nano Letters
Year:   2014
DOI:   10.1021/nl5032937
Publication date:   21-Nov-2014
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