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Development and characterization of novel 8‐plex DiLeu isobaric labels for quantitative proteomics and peptidomics

12-May-2015 | Dustin C. Frost, Tyler Greer, Feng Xiang, Zhidan Liang, Lingjun Li, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2015

Rationale Relative quantification of proteins via their enzymatically digested peptide products determines disease biomarker candidate lists in discovery studies. Isobaric label‐based strategies using TMT and iTRAQ allow for up to 10 samples to be multiplexed in one experiment, but their ...


Three-Dimensional Au Microlattices as Positive Electrodes for Li–O2 Batteries

12-May-2015 | Chen Xu; Betar M. Gallant; Phillip U. Wunderlich; Timm Lohmann; Julia R. Greer, ACS Nano, 2015

We demonstrate the feasibility of using a 3-dimensional gold microlattice with a periodic porous structure and independently tunable surface composition as a Li–O2 battery cathode. The structure provides a platform for studying electrochemical reactions in architected Li–O2 electrodes with large ...


Odorant receptors regulate the final glomerular coalescence of olfactory sensory neuron axons [Neuroscience]

05-May-2015 | Diego J. Rodriguez-Gil; Dianna L. Bartel; Austin W. Jaspers; Arie S. Mobley; Fumiaki Imamura; Charles A. Greer, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2015

Odorant receptors (OR) are strongly implicated in coalescence of olfactory sensory neuron (OSN) axons and the formation of olfactory bulb (OB) glomeruli. However, when ORs are first expressed relative to basal cell division and OSN axon extension is unknown. We developed an in vivo fate-mapping ...


Tailoring of Interfacial Mechanical Shear Strength by Surface Chemical Modification of Silicon Microwires Embedded in Nafion Membranes

27-Apr-2015 | Betar M. Gallant; X. Wendy Gu; David Z. Chen; Julia R. Greer; Nathan S. Lewis, ACS Nano, 2015

The interfacial shear strength between Si microwires and a Nafion membrane has been tailored through surface functionalization of the Si. Acidic (−COOH-terminated) or basic (−NH2-terminated) surface-bound functionality was introduced by hydrosilylation reactions to probe the interactions between ...


Butylated hydroxytoluene enediyne: access to diradical and electrophilic quinone methide intermediates

02-Mar-2015 | Edyta M. Greer, Cesar S. Quezada, Christopher V. Cosgriff, Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, 2015

A theoretical study was carried out on the unimolecular reaction of an enediyne with a fused butylated hydroxytoluene to internally scavenge the p‐benzyne diradical sites formed after the Bergman cyclization. The calculations revealed that the conversion of the p‐benzyne diradical ...


Photoactive Fluoropolymer Surfaces That Release Sensitizer Drug Molecules

26-Feb-2015 | Goutam Ghosh; Mihaela Minnis; Ashwini A. Ghogare; Inna Abramova; Keith A. Cengel; Theresa M. Busch; Alexander Greer, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2015

We describe a physical–organic study of two fluoropolymers bearing a photoreleasable PEGylated photosensitizer that generates 1O2(1Δg) [chlorin e6 methoxy tri(ethylene glycol) triester]. The surfaces are Teflon/poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) nanocomposite and fluorinated silica. The relative ...


IJMS, Vol. 16, Pages 4343-4361: Metastatic Melanoma Cells Evade Immune Detection by Silencing STAT1

17-Feb-2015 | Osborn, JoDi Lynn; Greer, Susanna F., International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2015

Transcriptional activation of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) I and II molecules by the cytokine, interferon γ (IFN-γ), is a key step in cell-mediated immunity against pathogens and tumors. Recent evidence suggests that suppression of MHC I and II expression on multiple tumor types plays ...


ChemInform Abstract: Regioselective Alkylation Reactions of 2,4‐Diphenyl‐3H‐1‐benzazepine Give Either 3‐Alkyl‐3H‐1‐benzazepines or 1‐Alkyl‐1H‐1‐benzazepines.

19-Dec-2014 | Allen Ko, Aaron Lam, Jeffrey Li, Edyta M. Greer, David J. Szalda, Sasan Karimi, Gopal Subramaniam, Keith Ramig, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract Deprotonation of benzazepine (I) followed by reaction with alkyl halides or tosylates give either products of alkylation at C3 or at the nitrogen as well as mixtures of both types of products.


A calcium-dependent protease as a potential therapeutic target for Wolfram syndrome [Medical Sciences]

09-Dec-2014 | Simin Lu; Kohsuke Kanekura; Takashi Hara; Jana Mahadevan; Larry D. Spears; Christine M. Oslowski; Rita Martinez; May ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2014

Wolfram syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by diabetes and neurodegeneration and considered as an endoplasmic reticulum (ER) disease. Despite the underlying importance of ER dysfunction in Wolfram syndrome and the identification of two causative genes, Wolfram syndrome 1 (WFS1) and ...


High-Resolution Enabled 12-Plex DiLeu Isobaric Tags for Quantitative Proteomics

08-Dec-2014 | Dustin C. Frost; Tyler Greer; Lingjun Li, Analytical Chemistry, 2014

Multiplex isobaric tags (e.g., tandem mass tags (TMT) and isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantification (iTRAQ)) are a valuable tool for high-throughput mass spectrometry based quantitative proteomics. We have developed our own multiplex isobaric tags, DiLeu, that feature quantitative ...


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