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Volcanic history of the Imbrium basin: A close-up view from the lunar rover Yutu [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences]

28-Apr-2015 | Jinhai Zhang; Wei Yang; Sen Hu; Yangting Lin; Guangyou Fang; Chunlai Li; Wenxi Peng; Sanyuan Zhu; Zhiping He; Bin Zh ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2015

We report the surface exploration by the lunar rover Yutu that landed on the young lava flow in the northeastern part of the Mare Imbrium, which is the largest basin on the nearside of the Moon...


[Report] A young multilayered terrane of the northern Mare Imbrium revealed by Chang’E-3 mission

13-Mar-2015 | Long Xiao; Peimin Zhu; Guangyou Fang; Zhiyong Xiao; Yongliao Zou; Jiannan Zhao; Na Zhao; Yuefeng Yuan; Le Qiao; Xiao ..., Science , 2015

China’s Chang’E-3 (CE-3) spacecraft touched down on the northern Mare Imbrium of the lunar nearside (340.49°E, 44.12°N), a region not directly sampled before. We report preliminary results with data...


[Policy Forum] Applying scientific principles in international law on whaling

05-Sep-2014 | William de la Mare; Nick Gales; Marc Mangel, Science , 2014

The approach might address disputes beyond whaling and the courtroom Authors: William de la Mare, Nick Gales, Marc Mangel...


Molecules, Vol. 19, Pages 8571-8588: Evaluation of a Triple-Helical Peptide with Quenched Fluorophores for Optical Imaging of MMP-2 and MMP-9 Proteolytic Activity

23-Jun-2014 | Zhang, Xuan ; Bresee, Jamee ; Cheney, Philip P.; Xu, Baogang ; Bhowmick, Manishabrata ; Cudic, Mare ; Fields, Gregg ..., Molecules, 2014

Matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) 2 and 9, the gelatinases, have consistently been associated with tumor progression. The development of gelatinase-specific probes will be critical for identifying in vivo gelatinoic activity to understand the molecular role of the gelatinases in tumor development. ...


Effect of pressure on the flow behavior of polybutene

18-Mar-2014 | Aleks Ponjavic, Luca Mare, Janet S. S. Wong, Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 2014

ABSTRACT The rheology of submicron thick polymer melt is examined under high normal pressure conditions by a recently developed photobleached‐fluorescence imaging velocimetry technique. In particular, the validity and limitation of Reynold equation solution, which suggests a linear ...


Stretching and conformal bonding of organic solar cells to hemispherical surfaces

28-Dec-2013 | Timothy F. O'Connor; Aliaksandr V. Zaretski; Bijan A. Shiravi; Suchol Savagatrup; Adam D. Printz; Mare Ivana Diaz; D ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2013

This paper describes the stretching and conformal bonding (i.e., decal-transfer printing) of organic solar cells in both the “conventional” and “inverted” configurations to hemispherical glass surfaces with radii of 8 mm. This action produces equivalent biaxial tensile strains of 24%, which many ...


A Screening of Class IIa Bacteriocins Produced by Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Fermented Mare Milk

16-Oct-2013 | Yanhua Cui, Chao Zhang, Chao Wang, Xiaomeng Lv, Zhangting Chen, Zhongqing Ding, Yunfeng Wang, Hongyu Cui, Journal of Food Safety, 2013

Abstract Twelve fermented mare milk samples were screened for class IIa bacteriocins based on a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method. The positive PCR products were cloned and sequenced...


Persistence and origin of the lunar core dynamo [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences]

21-May-2013 | Clément Suavet; Benjamin P. Weiss; William S. Cassata; David L. Shuster; Jérôme Gattacceca; Lindsey Chan; Ian Garric ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2013

The lifetime of the ancient lunar core dynamo has implications for its power source and the mechanism of field generation. Here, we report analyses of two 3.56-Gy-old mare basalts demonstrating...


Prediction of ortho substituent effect in alkaline hydrolysis of substituted phenyl benzoates in aqueous acetonitrile

15-Mar-2013 | Vilve Nummert, Mare Piirsalu, Ilmar A. Koppel, Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, 2013

The second‐order rate constants k (dm3mol−1s−1) for alkaline hydrolysis of meta‐, para‐ and ortho‐substituted phenyl esters of benzoic acid, C6H5CO2C6H4‐X, in aqueous 50.9% (v/v) acetonitrile have been measured spectrophotometrically at 25 °C. In substituted phenyl benzoates, C6H5CO2C6H4‐X, the ...


Predictive Models for the Growth Kinetics of Listeria monocytogenes on White Cabbage

18-Jan-2013 | Jun Wang, S.M.E. Rahman, Xi‐Hong Zhao, Fereidoun Forghani, Myoung‐Su Park, Deog‐Hwan Oh, Journal of Food Safety, 2013

by median relative error (MRE), mean absolute relative error (MARE) and %standard error of prediction (%SEP). The results indicated that Baranyi model described the growth of L. monocytogenes on white cabbage...


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