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Discovery of Selective 4-Amino-pyridopyrimidine Inhibitors of MAP4K4 Using Fragment-Based Lead Identification and Optimization

09-04-2014 | Terry D. Crawford; Chudi O. Ndubaku; Huifen Chen; Jason W. Boggs; Brandon J. Bravo; Kelly DeLaTorre; Anthony M. Gian ..., Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2014

Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase kinase 4 (MAP4K4) is a serine/threonine kinase implicated in the regulation of many biological processes. A fragment-based lead discovery approach was used to generate potent and selective MAP4K4 inhibitors. The fragment hit pursued in this article ...


Detergent Optimized Membrane Protein Reconstitution in Liposomes for Solid State NMR

09-04-2014 | Dylan T. Murray; James Griffin; Timothy A. Cross, Biochemistry, 2014

For small helical membrane proteins, their structures are highly sensitive to their environment, and solid state NMR is a structural technique that can characterize these membrane proteins in native-like lipid bilayers and proteoliposomes. To date, a systematic method by which to evaluate the ...


Evaluating steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence as a tool to study the behavior of asphaltene in toluene

08-04-2014 | Cornelia Bohne; Hui Ting Zhang; Rui Li; Zixin Yang; Xing Yin; Murray R. Gray, Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 2014

A combination of steady-state fluorescence, fluorescence lifetime measurements and the determination of time-resolved emission spectra were employed to characterize asphaltene toluene solutions. Lifetime measurements were shown to be insensitive to the source of asphaltene or the alkane solvent ...


A role for primate subgenual cingulate cortex in sustaining autonomic arousal [Neuroscience]

08-04-2014 | Peter H. Rudebeck; Philip T. Putnam; Teresa E. Daniels; Tianming Yang; Andrew R. Mitz; Sarah E. V. Rhodes; Elisabeth ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2014

The subgenual anterior cingulate cortex (subgenual ACC) plays an important role in regulating emotion, and degeneration in this area correlates with depressed mood and anhedonia. Despite this understanding, it remains unknown how this part of the prefrontal cortex causally contributes to emotion, ...


Research highlights: printing the future of microfabrication

02-04-2014 | Peter Tseng; Coleman Murray; Donghyuk Kim; Dino Di Carlo, Lab on a Chip, 2014

In this issue we highlight emerging microfabrication approaches suitable for microfluidic systems with a focus on “additive manufacturing” processes (i.e. printing). In parallel with the now-wider availability of low cost consumer-grade 3D printers (as evidenced by at least three brands of 3D ...


Flying Drosophila stabilize their vision-based velocity controller by sensing wind with their antennae [Biophysics and Computational Biology]

01-04-2014 | Sawyer Buckminster Fuller; Andrew D. Straw; Martin Y. Peek; Richard M. Murray; Michael H. Dickinson, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2014

Flies and other insects use vision to regulate their groundspeed in flight, enabling them to fly in varying wind conditions. Compared with mechanosensory modalities, however, vision requires a long processing delay (~100 ms) that might introduce instability if operated at high gain. Flies also ...


Dhilirolides E–N, Meroterpenoids Produced in Culture by the Fungus Penicillium purpurogenum Collected in Sri Lanka: Structure Elucidation, Stable Isotope Feeding Studies, and Insecticidal Activity

31-03-2014 | Ryan M. Centko; David. E. Williams; Brian O. Patrick; Yasmin Akhtar; Miguel Angel Garcia Chavez; Yan Alexander Wang; ..., The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2014

Extracts of laboratory cultures of the fungus Penicilium purpurogenum obtained from rotting fruit of the tree Averrhoa bilimbi growing in Sri Lanka have yielded 10 new meroterpenoids, dhilirolides E–N (5–14). The structures of the new dhilirolides have been elucidated by analysis of spectroscopic ...


A Two-Coordinate Manganese(0) Complex with an Unsupported Mn–Mg Bond: Allowing Access to Low Coordinate Homo- and Heterobimetallic Compounds

27-03-2014 | Jamie Hicks; Chad E. Hoyer; Boujemaa Moubaraki; Giovanni Li Manni; Emma Carter; Damien M. Murphy; Keith S. Murray; L ..., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014

This study details the synthesis and characterization of an unprecedented two-coordinate, high-spin manganese(0) complex that incorporates an unsupported Mn–Mg bond, viz. L†MnMg(MesNacnac) (L† = −N(Ar†)(SiPri3), Ar† = C6H2{C(H)Ph2}2Pri-2,6,4; MesNacnac = [(MesNCMe)2CH]−; Mes = mesityl). This ...


Investors prefer entrepreneurial ventures pitched by attractive men [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences]

25-03-2014 | Alison Wood Brooks; Laura Huang; Sarah Wood Kearney; Fiona E. Murray, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2014

Entrepreneurship is a central path to job creation, economic growth, and prosperity. In the earliest stages of start-up business creation, the matching of entrepreneurial ventures to investors is critically important. The entrepreneur’s business proposition and previous experience are regarded as ...


Seeded Growth of Metal-Doped Plasmonic Oxide Heterodimer Nanocrystals and Their Chemical Transformation

24-03-2014 | Xingchen Ye; Danielle Reifsnyder Hickey; Jiayang Fei; Benjamin T. Diroll; Taejong Paik; Jun Chen; Christopher B. Murray, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014

We have developed a generalized seeded-growth methodology for the synthesis of monodisperse metal-doped plasmonic oxide heterodimer nanocrystals (NCs) with a near-unity morphological yield. Using indium-doped cadmium oxide (ICO) as an example, we show that a wide variety of preformed metal NCs ...


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